Intel announces to roll out Xeon W-3175X to apply to the 28 nucleuses processor of Extreme workstation

Intel week rolls out the 28 nucleuses processor that applies to Extreme workstation formally – Intel comes strong W-3175X, this processor was developed first in June, contain the frequency multiplier that solve a lock, below sudden mode working frequency is as high as 4.3 GHz.

Intel is based on small framework of Skylake / Cascade Lake to strong W-3175X CPU, compatible those who contain socket of processor of Intel LGA3647 server advocate board. Intel moves with the frequency of 3.1 GHz to strong W-3175X processor, but can increase its frequency 4.3 GHz, it provided controller of memory of DDR4 of a 6 passageways, support is as high as the high speed cache of 512 GB and 38.5 MB. Because this chip uses new electrical outlet, accordingly it goes up naturally with the market any advocate board incompatible. Meanwhile, up to now, have Hua Shuo and ability only fine affirm the plan is offerred for Intel Xeon W-3175X advocate board.

New 28 nucleuses processor has the tremendous power comsumption of 265 W, did not lock up times frequency considering it and can exceed frequency, power comsumption may taller. That is to say, xeon W-3175X needs a very powerful cooling system, had better be to be based on liquid refrigeration system. Intel itself revealed those who contain two fan and 240 millimeter radiator to come loose hot system.


Intel says Xeon W-3175X basically is used at the person that content is created, this is why this platform offers 68 PCIe channel (on CPU 44 + chip set 24) , enough is installed many show card and NVMe SSD of numerous high end. Hua Shuo ROG Dominus Extreme is to be what Xeon W-3175X processor designs only first advocate board one of. This platform contains connector of power source of two 24 needles, in order to ensure processor and other component have enough electric power. Advocate board contain 4 PCIe 3.0 X16 to insert groove, use at additional check and equipment of many M.2 SSD.


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