IC Insights: Future of brilliant circle acting industry fears 5 years erupting price war

Stage accumulating report declared the 3rd season on October 9 amalgamative battalion closes, amount to 2, money of sixty billion three hundred and forty-eight million yuan of new stations, with the corresponding period was compared eighty-eight billion five hundred and seventy-nine million yuan last year grow 7.2% , exceed legal person beforehand appraise 2 after virus incident, 550 ~ 2, 58 billion yuan of battalion close look into interval, even the apple affirms will its produced consign of total number of A13 chip order 2019, the advanced technology that make Cheng precedes ceaselessly adversary, this also is versed in for brilliant circle generation the market brings price pressure however.

According to city of science and technology tone orgnaization IC Insights publishs research report to point out at 12 days, 5 years the advanced market that make Cheng will start tomorrow an intense competition, till 2022 till, brilliant circle generation is versed in the market will face price pressure. The report expresses, circle of 8 brilliant will calculate, core of stage accumulating report, case (report of GlobalFoundries) , couplet and in core international (SMIC) acting factory of circle of brilliant of course of study of this 4 three-year institution of higher learning average battalion stops every brilliant circle (Average Revenue Per Wafer) , beforehand appraise can fall in 1 this year, 138 dollars, with last year 1, 136 dollars keep balance roughly.

IC Insights: Future of brilliant circle acting industry fears 5 years erupting price war

The report points out, 4 big plants 1 what average battalion stopped every brilliant circle 2014, 149 dollars had hit a top, later all the way delay drops to 2017. Those who make Cheng technology is advanced, affected the on any account that every brilliant round battalion controls, point out according to the data of IC Insights, 0.5μEvery average battalion receives circle of brilliant of 8 silicon to have 370 dollars only, 12 brilliant is round under 20 accept rice every average battalion closes to be amounted to however 6, 050 dollars. If with square inch average battalion closes to look, 0.5μ makes Cheng technology and 20 accept rice make Cheng technology below, former average battalion receives 7.41 dollars, be inferior to latter 53.86 dollars far.

The stage accumulates report to make Cheng technology obtain major run to close below from 45 accept rice, its 2013 to what average battalion stopped every brilliant circle 2018 compound year add rate amount to 2% , excel is other 3 big plants. IC Insights is forecasted, did not come 5 years can capable advanced the brilliant circle acting plant that makes Cheng, only the stage accumulates report, SamSung and Intel, under intense competition, regular meeting allows price pressure all the way spread arrives till 2022.

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