IC Insights forecasts brilliant circle the product all rises valence whole is small

Recently, IC Insights of famous survey orgnaization releases a report to point out, the whole world the acting plant of circle of simple any crystalline substance with 4 the biggest dimensions (report of stage accumulating report, case Luo Fangde, couplet and in core international) the average price hopeful with every round 2018 brilliant rises from the 1136 dollars 2017 to 1138 dollars, raise 2 dollars.

Nevertheless, 4 companies condition is endless and same. IC Insights thinks, average 2018 price can amount to stage accumulating report 1382 dollars / piece, relatively 2107 (1368 dollars / piece) raise 14 dollars, amplitude is 1.02%; case core 2018 all valence predicts to amount to 1014 dollars / piece, relatively 2017 (1008 dollars / piece) raise 6 dollars, amplitude is mixed for 0.60%; couplet report in every brilliant of core international is round all valence predicts to be able to appear drop, former fall from the 716 dollars last year to the 715 dollars 2018, latter falls from the 719 dollars last year to 671 dollars.

IC Insights expresses, 4 afore-mentioned manufacturers all the promotion that valence whole rises basically is profit from engineering technology. The brilliant circle that is 300mm with dimension is exemple, the price of 20nm craft is as high as 6050 dollars / piece, and the price of 90nm craft has 1800 dollars only / piece. The brilliant round price of dimension of 500nm craft 200mm only 370 dollars / piece.

With stage accumulating report is exemple, since its 45nm craft (price 2655 dollars / piece) the product is large-scale after shipment, arrived 2013 2018, the average price of company brilliant circle maintains of 2% year all compound increase rate.

Be worth what carry is, IC Insights thinks, future has a stage 5 years to accumulate report, SamSung and Intel only these 3 enterprises are capable to offer more the engineering technology product of forward position (like 10nm, 5nm) , 3 enterprises will inspect the other side to be strong competitor, especially stage accumulating report and SamSung. Accordingly, to 2022, the price big probability of brilliant circle can bear greater pressure.

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