Heart state apparatus (does TI) roll out 200W of industry head money and 100W USB Type-C? Carry controller with USB electric power, have completely compositive power source way

TI controller can be mixed in double port Chan Duan achieves higher power in buccal application

On September 18, 2018, apparatus of state of heart of Beijing dispatch —— (TI) rolled out two new-style USB Type-C™ and USB electric power to carry recently (PD) controller, have completely compositive power source way, can simplify design, utmost reduces solution size and accelerate a product to appear on the market speed. TPS65987D and TPS65988 provided industry for systematic design personnel highest and compositive degree, can reduce design complexity and totle drilling cost.

These two parts of an apparatus are the USB PD controller that industry head money can provide 100 W and 200 W power respectively, support computational application, can be in other application, if radio moves tool, game and virtual reality earphone to wait, achieve the advantage of USB Type-C™ . TPS65987D is parts of an apparatus of an only port use at providing 100 W power, in-house and compositive independent 20-V, 5-A pulls electric current and switch of load of fill electric current. TPS65987D has low RDS(on)(25mΩ) and protection of retrorse electric current, can charge for port demand management offers comprehensive solution. Double port TPS65988 can provide the power of 200W, and switch of two compositive 5-A two-way load and control of method of exterior power source, with realizing the power supply ability of 5-A at the same time.

These parts of an apparatus all pass attestation of USB PD 3.0, UL attestation and international Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) safe attestation, pass beforehand process designing, supportable a variety of the commonnest with exemple, include DisplayPort™ and Thunderbolt™ application. Configure a tool through what use easily supportable other with exemple.

The major attribute of TPS65987D and TPS65988 and advantage

Package amount is fewer, the design is simpler: Realize photograph comparing with the disperse that needs package of method of 18 exterior power source normally, completely compositive USB PD controller can help design personnel reduce the complexity of the design. In addition, new-style controller still can provide protection of compositive retrorse electric current for method of many power source, with save circuit board space further and protection system and controller are avoided had sufferred spread an effect.

Industry is highest power level: 200W power realized fast USB Type-C™ to charge, transistor of two compositive 5-A field effect (FET) method makes its can support the high power application such as notebook computer, patulous a depressed place or join peripheral, maintain low RDS(on) at the same time, come true with lowermost power comsumption efficient charge.

Configuration is simple: Need not undertake firmware is developed, because every parts of an apparatus is aimed at the commonnest with exemple undertook be configuringed beforehand, can undertake easily choose and be executived quickly thereby.

The USB Type-CTM advantage of TI

Regard USB developer as the virgin member of forum, TI is releasing side of high-powered USB compatible product to have 20 single-page calendar history. TI offerred unapproachable resource and professional technology to design staff, include hardware to design instrument of city of example, heart online support community and groom content.

Enclose and offer goods condition

These two parts of an apparatus all use 7mm×7mm to break up mat, square compressed without cite a base (QFN) is enclosed, can divide the place that sell business to buy from TI shop and accredit now.

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