Hangzhou Xiamen pushs settle again new politics ability able person just is become at top speed ” bestow favor on newly “

Around of National Day holiday, what two cities released Xiamen and Hangzhou to concern talent settle in succession is new politics, the urban “ talent that makes those who spread more than one year long contended for ” to greet a new cycle it seems that.

Late on October 8, hangzhou municipal government was released ” government of Hangzhou city people perfects urban registered permanent residence about adjusting the announcement of migratory policy ” (the following abbreviation ” announcement ” ) , relaxed moderately respectively go and seek refuge with sb is migratory the policy regulation with talent settle, relaxed to skill talent mainly among them the limitation of settle Hangzhou.

Before this, xiamen city releases talent settle new politics time is earlier. On September 29, resource of Xiamen city labor power and social security bureau combined print and distribute of Xiamen city public security bureau ” key group comes summerly settle carries out detailed rules ” announcement, enter to Xiamen to ” of group of key of 5 kinds of “ door carry out new politics.

21 centuries economy reports the reporter notices, the ” of “ talent contention that this two cities release is new politics in, xiamen and Hangzhou all brought into skill talent among them. In fact, all involve the standard set that introduces to relevant skill talent in the policy making gift of city of current not little second line, and the sign that at present more a few cities begin to appear to bring talent level to relax stage by stage to this kind.

Suffer visit an expert to express, second line city is in the strategy that make gift, value pair of skill handsome appearances stage by stage attract, reflect a current city to develop the realism that needs a variety of administrative levels talented people on one hand; Also mix on the other hand the process phase that many current home 23 line towns are upgrading at the industry, also need more work skill talent to be engaged in production producing this one crucial segment thereby.

Xiamen highlights poineering talent to introduce

According to as one used to do, autumn is the moment of truth with graduate contention of unit of each big invite applications for a job, but the autumn joins what “ talent contends for ” a group of people of same interest to still have city of two keys second line this year.

National Day around, xiamen what with Hangzhou two cities released talent settle in succession is new politics, announce the different group that will expand talent demand to according with a city respectively implemented new settle policy, in order to attract more talent settle.

From the point of content, the settle of Xiamen is new politics all opened wide census register gate to according with the group of 6 kinds of big talents of the requirement, involve graduate of this year’s college respectively, go to a college is graduate, and the graduate of the medium profession school that accords with a condition also is brought into among them.

than below, hangzhou is newest issuance settle is new politics in, besides relaxed further besides the doorsill of talent settle, still support husband and wife children of go and seek refuge with sb of mutual go and seek refuge with sb, senile old person, make the registered permanent residence of this city new politics had new metabolic feature, begin more the characteristic that highlights a human nature to change.


Xia Xuemin of researcher of guest of public policy academy is accepting Zhejiang university when 21 centuries economy reports the reporter is interviewed, express, hangzhou and Xiamen are congeneric and coastal develop city, the census register that the near future publishs in succession is new politics, its collective place depended on lowering the threshold of talent settle, make the settle doorsill of afore-mentioned two cities is reduced further from original undergraduate course to undergraduate course the following.

What “ differs is, xiamen is more outstanding of poineering talent introduce, hangzhou is more outstanding skill talent. ” Xia Xuemin tells a reporter, current Xiamen what with Hangzhou two cities lower settle threshold is new politics, original intention is for talent of absorbing ability tarry, can resolve the difficulty with living ground of one part talent and working skimble-scamble ground and contradiction.

21 centuries economy reports the reporter notices, come nearly one year contention of talent of domestic each intercity is new politics ground of as one falls comes on stage. Up to this year in August, in the city of 15 mainstreams second line such as Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu and Jinan, already 14 cities extended olive branch to the talent of the disparate arrangement of ideas such as college graduate.

So far, the situation that the talent between each city contends for begins to drop somewhat, but the talent settle of nearly a few days of Xiamen and Hangzhou is new politics appeared to proclaim to the outside of ” of battle of “ talent contention restart, also be weighed by the outside from this for the “ between the city talent of the 2nd round of ” contends for battle begin.

Liu Ming of director of research center of development of China of Shanghai traffic university tells 21 centuries economy reports a reporter, 2017 up to now, the backside that policy of qualified personnel of 23 lines city advances continuously, the most important is to should make clear a few points: It is to be not every city to suit to develop knowledge concentrated model productivity serves industry, may not must rely on to attract talent of tall record of formal schooling to develop; 2 be every city by its oneself eventually industrial characteristic decides have talent structure most, undergraduate proportion jumps over much may not to had been jumped over; 3 it is absorbing ability the most essential is to make the industry that has oneself characteristic.

Pay attention to even more introduce skill talent

21 centuries economy reports the reporter notices, in the policy of ” of “ talent contention of city of current second line, to skill talent introduce begin to take seriously even more, the talented person of much ground is new politics in the set that all involves pair of skill talents to introduce a standard.

The reporter combs discovery, in last few years, all bring into skill talent in the talent settle policy that the second line city such as Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi’an issues among them. Especially with Nanjing and Hangzhou these two cities are opposite of skill talent introduce policy to adjust, highlight a heavy visual range that introduces to this kind of talent to spend gradually.

Nanjing city was released 2017 ” admittance of Nanjing city census register runs way ” , stipulate 11 kinds of talents can apply for settle directly, involved the settle standard of talent of two kinds of skill among them: It is to have deputy advanced (contain) qualification of above major technology, perhaps possess qualification of intermediate and professional technology and the age is in the personnel under 35 one full year of life, and in Nanjing obtain employment or do poineering work; 2 it is to possess national profession qualification one, 2 class, or possess national profession qualification 3 class and the age is in the personnel under 35 one full year of life, in Nanjing obtain employment or do poineering work.

Subsequently, 2018 the requirement that pair of skill talents relaxed gradually in ” of file of date of “1 of Nanjing municipal Party committee. Mention in policy, adjust optimize settle policy, record of formal schooling of graduate student above and 40 years old of the following undergraduate course learn experience person with ability, deal with settle formalities by diploma; Technology, skill talent, by senior worker worker and above profession qualification certificate can deal with settle formalities.

And this Hangzhou releases ” announcement ” the place that also has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result, come to according with skill talent of the condition Hangzhou settle also lowered a threshold.

” announcement ” regulation, the has qualification of technician above profession personnel under 45 one full year of life reachs 35 one full year of life to have the personnel of qualification of profession of senior worker worker below, in Hangzhou urban district unit of same choose and employ persons works continuously full 3 years, and there is lawful and fixed dwelling place in the urban district, can apply for to be in Hangzhou urban district settle.

The condition of settle of former skill talent according to Hangzhou city sets, 35 one full year of life have the personnel of qualification of profession of senior worker worker below, the in short supply profession that needs to accord with Hangzhou city (type of work) . Meanwhile, to two afore-mentioned ages paragraph high skill talent, still ask to must work in Hangzhou full 5 years and have housing.

Reporter contrast discovers, than below, hangzhou is newest those who release is new politics relaxed to the settle condition of skill talent working fixed number of year and living limitation, and did not make in short supply profession to the high skill talent under 35 one full year of life (type of work) limitation.

Zhao Gongjun of assistant dean of business school of Shanghai Normal University is accepting 21 centuries economy to report when to the reporter is interviewed, express, city of current second line shows pair of skill talented people long for, the main reason of its backside has two: It is current city health development need compose builds mutiple level talent system, from this angle for, skill talent and most advanced talented person are likewise serious; On the other hand, the manufacturing industry transition of many 23 lines cities still needs area of ministry of middle east of current our country a process, a lot of industries need skilled skilled worker more.

“ falls in such development setting, the 23 lines city that believes future can have more area also is met in succession policy follow the lead of and follow-up. ” Zhao Gongjun points out so.

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