Gu Ge will push numerous hardware to be tasted newly be about to mix to the apple Yamaxun declare war

Song of cereal of tycoon of science and technology predicts to will roll out a series of new products, include the computer of mobile phone of new fund Pixel, flat, intelligence loudhailer that deserves to have screen and earphone. Gu Ge will conduct annual large hardware activity at was in Newyork city on October 9.

Gu Ge

MadeByGoogle activity on October 9 in the morning at 11 o’clock (time of American the eastpart part) begin. Last year, gu Ge rolled out earphone of editing and rearrangement of Home Mini of sound box of mobile phone Pixel 2, cereal song intelligence, Gu Ge, Pixel Buds and product of a few other periphery. New fund Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the succeed product of Pixel 2, although had been divulged before this, nevertheless, gu Ge did not disclose about new fund the detail of the smartphone. New fund mobile phone will distribute stock double before the indication screen that buy photographs similar like head, wireless charger and IPhone X design. Pixel 3 XL owns 6.7 inches of indication screen, compare Pixel 2 XL almost big a inch, and the Pixel 3 of lesser edition owns 5.3 inches of indication screen. Pixel 3 XL predicts to will deploy the 8 million buy before those who resemble element is double to photograph like head and sensor of an extensive role, when can making the user is patted oneself, automatic empty changes setting. In addition, it still has design of as identical as before a few generation double sound crust and sensor of circular postposition dactylogram, the bang hold that still can have color of a similar IPhone X possibly and 6.2 inches of OLED that are 1440*2960 like element display screen. There is hearsay to say before this, pixel 3 XL will use brave dragon 845 processor, adscititious 4GB carry is put and 64GB stores. It provides the batteries capacity when 2915 milliampere possibly still, this is a remarkable function leap.

The outside thinks generally, gu Ge will roll out computer of first Chromebook flat on the activity October 9. The picture that reveals according to MySmartPrice shows, chromebook flat computer will carry alone clavier. Pixel flat computer will deploy feeling key-press of screen, circle, before buy is photographed photograph like head and postposition picture head and inside buy dactylogram sensor. Besides, the luck that it still has 16GB is put, the indication screen that processor of Intel Amber Lake, resolution is 3000*2000 and Pixelbook Pen.

New fund sound of Gu Ge controls device may be an intelligent sound box that takes screen. Show according to the picture that reveal, the characteristic of new fund Google Home Hub is in loudhailer coping installed a 7 inches indication screen. Most the that releases these pictures first says, home Hub will receive Google Assistant repeatedly, make its can show weather, calendar, cookbook and other and pertinent information on screen. This sound box will provide gamut loudhailer and function of far field speech recognition, still will two kinds of color can offer an alternative. Set of Gu Ge’s current intelligent sound box includes Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max. About blue tooth earphone of Gu Ge, still disclose without too much detail at present. Gu Ge released the first pair to deploy the Pixel Buds on Pixel series mobile phone last year, and this, it may release wireless Pixel Buds.


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