Gaotongjia is entered ” development of Taiwan 5G estate is allied ” , plant of the station that help strength grabs business chance

Global chip thumb Gaotongjia develops allied ” into industry of “ Taiwan 5G, conduce expands industrial chain battle array, establish station plant future to supply the position of catenary in global 5G, china telecommunication also thinks 5G is the times of gang war, to global the firm that has actual strength is joined, express a welcome.

Zheng You declares China telecommunication president at the beginning of this year, china telecommunication and office of ”5G of ministry of Taiwan “ economy, labour grinds courtyard, endowment plan can be initiated jointly establish industry of “ Taiwan 5G to develop allied ” , the chip in connecting industrial chain, net is connected, small base station (Small Cell) arrives terminal manufacturer, and platform of brim operation, service, endowment how to reach content industry, invite will include couplet to send division, Hua Shuo, grand amount to report, grind China, wide amount to, in many 40 manufacturer such as Lei, promote Taiwan 5G development quickly together.

Gaotongjia is entered " development of Taiwan 5G estate is allied " , plant of the station that help strength grabs business chance

In the light of connect high (the affiliation of Qualcomm) , china telecommunication high level confirms today, but did not talk about ” to how spreading out collaboration to state detail is returned related “ , and China report to global the firm that has actual strength joins group of pilot of China telecommunication 5G to express to welcome.

China telecommunication follow-up will open 5G experiment network, develop member of allied ” manufacturer to have test of 5G product conformity and application development with industry of “ Taiwan 5G jointly, come true 2020 5G beforehand business is a target with the service.

China report high level expresses, 5G is the times ” of “ gang war, bring into a net to connect, the industry such as equipment, and the force that tells high, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone builds zoology department, report of the China at the beginning of next year will be in south harbor north sheds a center to exhibit the application that performs 5G to cross a domain to be united in wedlock, predict 2020, taiwan has 2 cities 5G at least beforehand business is used.

Now the end of the year, china report predicts to complete 2 experiments network, establish a letter to cooperate with Nuojiya and love respectively, test character of 5G relevant application, transmission, terminal unit, also be met and connect collaboration high to test network and chip, open domestic network to connect factory, service to develop test of business, application development business.

Connect high announced to will establish Taiwan battalion carry and center of production project and test a few days ago, predict to battalion movement begins at the beginning of 2019, will serve as be in charge of understanding the core fortified point that supplies the overseas business such as catenary, relevant project and business development high.

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