Gaotong releases brave dragon 675, function how?

On October 23 morning message, the United States connects a company high to announce to roll out brave dragon in Hong Kong 675 floating platform. Tall appellative, smartphone of 675 will comprehensive promotion is in brave dragon game, take a picture and the experience of AI respect, AI application can achieve the integral function promotion of 50% . The terminal that carries this platform predicts to come out first quarter in next year.
Connect Kedar Kondap of product management vice president high to express, the main effect of play of place of 675 floating platform depends on brave dragon, it supports OEM manufacturer to be in the smartphone that is about to roll out, function of compositive new generation and excellent performance, it has “ advanced game function, outstanding film function and much nucleus AI Engine” of artificial intelligence engine.
Connect a respect high to think, 675 floating platform offerred brave dragon brand-new framework and function promotion, with brave dragon 670 photographs promote than coming true:
In game respect, brave dragon 675 can offer fluent tall frame to lead game experience. At present Gao Tongzheng is developing a Trade Fair to open collaboration with game, 600 series will have brave dragon brand-new game experience of the level.
Film respect, brave dragon 675 support user films the photograph of professional level quality and video. The buy before its support or postposition 3 photograph like the head, have far anxious, extensive role and exceed extensive role image to film wait for character, have face of person of buildup figure mode, 3D to solve at the same time lock and delicate pat oneself.
Artificial intelligence respect, its carried much nucleus AI Engine of artificial intelligence engine, in AI application implementation is as high as the integral function promotion of 50% . In addition, the global independence software that includes free from worries to inspect SenseTime of science and technology of liquid of Face\++ of science and technology, Netease, business to wait inside develops business to also support this platform.
Connect high
It is reported, 675 floating platform offer brave dragon external since now oneself, the consumptive terminal that is based on its to make predicts will 2019 first quarter face city.

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