Forum of innovation of technology of trade lustre electron – station of Chongqing of seminar of technology of car electron innovation is about to hold

Dedicated taste the electron that promotes industry innovation newly at introducing yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells trade lustre electron (Mouser Electronics) announces to will be in on October 25 hotel of Chongqing JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers holds “2018 forum of technology of trade lustre electron – ” of seminar of technology of car electron innovation. This second conference will invite domestic famous electromagnetism Xu Jiang of compatible expert —— China with base the United States (KEMET) , force is special (Littelfuse) , small core (Microchip) , Mo Shi (Molex) , heart state apparatus (Texas Instruments) wait for international famous former plant, the overall condition of the market of electron of angle analysis car that heads a firm from the industry and foreground, phasic challenge, share latest technology plan.

2018 trade lustre forum of electronic technology innovation – seminar of technology of car electron innovation (Chongqing stands) detail: Https://

In recent years, accompany greater and greater environment pressure, the trend that car line of business increases a section to be able to decrease a platoon is clear, many countries make the whole world the development that fuel car exited schedule to drive car of new energy resources further, technology of car of new energy resources gets more and more attention. In this second trade lustre in seminar of technology of car electron innovation, spot honored guest will develop common electronic technology problem around car of new energy resources, carry the actual combat case of many vivid full and accurate, share latest technology together with the ginseng person that meet.

Market of region of Asia-Pacific of trade lustre electron and business affairs extend vice-president cropland auspicious to make the same score a lady to express: “ trade lustre the electron pays close attention to market trends and development trend all the time, include car of new energy resources inside the technical challenge that industry foreground and engineer face when development is designed, the seminar of technology of car electron innovation that this trade lustre electron holds, the technology below the clue that provides the engineer that is respect of domain of car of new energy resources major communicates platform, share in the theme with numerous industry expert in discuss results together, also make contribution for the development of car of new energy resources. ”

Trade lustre electron has substantial product line and close client service, introduce new technology, new product actively to satisfy a design engineer and all sorts of demand that purchase personnel. Inventory of trade lustre electron has huge and new-style electron yuan parts of an apparatus, for new generation of the client design project provides support. Mouser website has a variety of advanced search tools to be able to help an user understand product inventory situation quickly not only, and the website still is being updated continuously experience with optimizing an user ceaselessly. In addition, mouser website still offers data manual, supplier information of design of specific and referenced design, applied note, technology and project use the rich material such as the tool to consult for the user.

About trade lustre electron (Mouser Electronics)

Be subordinate to of trade lustre electron belongs to Bai Kexi Er to with a ha scatter Wei group (Berkshire Hathaway) company is subordinate, it is an accredit electron that obtains special honour repeatedly yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells business, devote oneself to technically with efficient way, to design engineer and the new product that purchase personnel to provide manufacturer of each product line. As a whole world cent sells business, our website can offer multiligualism and much money to trade support, cent sells many kinds of 500 product that comes from business of more than 700 production. We support a center to provide close service for the client through spreading all over 23 clients of the whole world, the intelligence of 70 thousand square metre that helps Si Na department through be located in American heart city to amount to converts warehouse to the whole world 220 many countries / area, exceed shipment of 600 thousand clients.

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