Face plate of Xia Pu OLED whether infiltrate the apple supplies chain

Message of core science and technology, grand sea Fuji health in April 2016 after share summer general, appear to be broken through greatly in face plate domain eventually. Of face plate of first embarking OLED below Xia Puqi have brand mobile phone oneself, will appear formally on October 3, become the firm of face plate of first use OLED in Japanese brand factory. Next, face plate of Xia Pu OLED whether infiltrate the apple supplies chain, make one pace enlarges Kang Jin of grand sea Fuji to be supplied to 0 component of the apple, also make the central point that the market pays close attention to.

As we have learned, the smartphone of AQUOS high end that Xia Pu will publish next week, predicting screen is 6 inches, of the year new machine that interpose releases at malic not long ago 5.8 reach 6.5 inches between. Industry points out, face plate of Xia Pu OLED is like successful implementation commercialization, will be expected to break at present malic OLED face plate by the situation of Korea SamSung dominate exclusively.

The apple rolled out IPhone X 2017, the face plate of OLED of instead of LTPS face plate that uses originally, detonated tornado of OLED face plate. Face plate supplier is early with respect to undercurrent billowy, the whole world has Korea SamSung only at that time capable quantity produces OLED face plate, although factory of Taiwan face plate has all treasure below Ren Baoqi to have OLED technology, but produce ability without the quantity however.

Face plate of Xia Pu OLED whether infiltrate the apple supplies chain

As to Xia Pu, throw research and development of OLED face plate actively all the time, but battalion of whole of suffer from parent company carries expression is in low ebb, have no too great progress tardy. As grand sea Fuji share of Kang Yuxia general enters at the last gasp, xia Pu also announced on Feburary 25, 2016 battalion carry plans, the research and development that breaks below 200 billion yen to install OLED face plate inside chelonian mountain factory produces a line, try to produce line and quantity produce a line.

Produce time according to the quantity that Xia Pu plans at that time, predict to be in earlier 2018, the target should be in 2019 before the end of the year, produce per month implementation can face plate of 10 million 5.5 inches of OLED, produce per year can be face plate of 90 million 5.5 inches of OLED. When grand sea Fuji health after general of summer of the share that finish, summerly general board of directors also announces new plan of OLED face plate, will try with face plate of OLED of setting of 57.4 billion yen produce produce a line.

Then, xia Pu established OLED face plate to be organized technically in workshop of big slope , include employee of person of technology of research and development, design, production to exceed 400 people. However, the road of face plate of OLED of summerly general position, do not have because of grand sea Fuji health share capital reachs the designated position plain sailing. Xia Pu comes out to will open up for a time at the beginning of 2017 endowment 100 billion yen establishs OLED to produce a line in Chinese Henan, but because fail to undertake according to the plan, also cannot play the difference of close Xia Pu and SamSung.

Arrive all the time by this year July, wild village of summerly general assistant president is gotten the better of bright show the personally on the meeting to confirm in quarterly money newspaper eventually, the company already began to produce OLED face plate in June, on the smartphone that will begin to use Yuxiapu to have a brand oneself at the 3rd quarter. In the IFA 2018 international of not long ago consumptive electron is exhibited on, the OLED face plate that formal also spectacular mobile phone uses Xia Pu, also be design of 3D entire curved surface at the same time.

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