Face plate business encounters cold LG large-scale cut down the member of persons employed amount to 65% history on first

Recently, the spokesman of company of monitor supplier LG Display since the apple is long-term confirms, since LG will undertake founding from its cut down the member of persons employed first, and requirement employee leaves a company through the form that retires of one’s own accord.

Up to arrive at the beginning of October, through this kind commit suicide form is referred leave one’s post 65% what the employee of application held employee sum total, but the final dimensions of place dissolve personnel still has not decide. LG company side still expresses, because LCD shows the demand of face plate drops in year after year, LG turns to strategic goal less to manpower demand OK the professional work of OLED face plate that high automation produces, cut down the member of persons employed consequently.

Face plate business encounters cold LG large-scale cut down the member of persons employed amount to 65% history on first

Sincere character of the place that be like LG, market of LCD indication screen appears at the beginning of 2018 oneself more and more apparent encounter cold trend, face plate price is in what bluff type quickens after the manufacturer such as horse of the Beijing east of Chinese home, day is irruptive to drop. Produce in order to cut down LCD because of reason LG can means transfer direction, already closed between the time that does not arrive one year stop many LCD product line, but still do not have industry of LCD of seasonable inside the shortest time evacuate.

This year in July, LG Display announces his money of the 2nd quarter signed up for 2018. Money newspaper shows, battalion of LG indication company closes to glide compared to the same period 15% , to 5.6 trillion Han yuan (add up to four billion nine hundred and sixty-nine million seven hundred thousand dollar about) ; business deficit 228 billion Han Yuan (add up to) of 202.1 million dollar about, of business of together with mobile phone all the year round deficit, LG by place oneself the condition of severe loss, in the future investment plans to also appear to be cut down considerably.

Finishing its history on first large-scale after cutting down the member of persons employed, the body home life of LG Display clearly ground is developed to go up in the business of OLED by detain. However OLED market is not light also, the cost on the OLED TV that at present LG place produces is relatively high, face plate of mobile phone OLED is abortive also market of occupational large portion, the road errors more before.

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