Equipment of A Er tower pushs technology of solar energy film to be mixed for net couplet drive automatically electric car provides additional power

Become as the car more automation, the amount of the sensor that deploys in car also is increasing significantly. Photograph resembling head, ultrasonic and radar sensor is now the sensor of a few different sort that car uses, this kind of sensor can let car become more intuitionistic, but also increase to demand of car batteries energy at the same time, can reduce the add boat course of development of electric car thereby. Come so, to electric car (EV) created a challenge, after all the element of crucial poor dissimilation that course of development of car add boat is electric car sale and drive element.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, company of equipment of tower of American A Er (Alta Devices) roll out technology of film of a kind of solar energy, can adhere to in car surface, additional power is provided for batteries in car place and mobile process.

Technology of solar energy film

Film of this solar energy is met the curve of joint car, abide by the aerodynamics of car and elegant design, but compositive at electric car (EV) scuttle of engine lid, glass even in the side panel of the car; Capable to enhance electric car batteries, compositive in car design, and need not jockey insert go up to be able to be not had seam charge for the car. This technology still can be the support system such as heater of the fan inside the car, seat, lamp and other goods supply power. Technology of this solar energy is very efficient, light and provide flexibility. And the 4th acting technology of Alta Devices is only drive automatically systematic supply power and design.

The arsenic of Alta Devices converts film of gallium solar energy weight is light, small and provide flexibility, high power density and curve ability, brought flexibility for automobile industry machinery and design. And, the product of Alta Devices newest generation and before product photograph is compared, weight is reduced significantly, thereby power weight is compared be able to rise significantly.


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