Division big question flies ” AI passes together make a holiday ” incident ending: Emphasize ” did not make a holiday “


Because simultaneous interpretation personage is in the article of a doubt of gregarious website, division big question flies (deep-set “AI passes 002230) near future together eddy of the ” that make a holiday, incident is communicated in both sides nowadays hind gradually ending. On September 24 late night, afore-mentioned simultaneous interpretation “ explode makings ” personage updates website dispatch, give with respect to among them misunderstanding specification, state he approbates “ dispatch to fly to did not build false behavior ” actively; On September 25, small letter of flying government of division big question also sends flying person of letter collectivity dispatch: “ as person of integrity can stand severe tests ” , emphasize “ building false ” .


Some kind of angle looks, misunderstanding is promoting dispatch to fly to strengthen mutual connection and understanding with interpreter bound. Jiang Tao of flying Dong Bi of division big question, senior vice president expresses to company of ·e of negotiable securities times, company general has technical communication further at was in Shanghai on September 27, can invite interpreter industry expert and media to undertake have an informal discussion communicates communication, make everybody sufficient know relevant news.



Fly to be the view of the simultaneous interpretation personage of “Bell Wang” with net name according to division big question, the account that both sides confirms misunderstanding is simultaneous interpretation personnel those who hear ” fly to “ dispatch to turn in the job write functional fault to regard as “ machine passes ” together, caused thereby discuss.


The conference is sponsorred just express with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, affirm the banner sex of achievement of flying technology of division big question, before saying to meet, already mixed translation firm is communicated adequately and reach unanimous opinion. Before the meeting that initiates controversy, how to use dispatch to fly to the caption technology that hears a system applies and show pattern, undertake to just reached translation firm twice to do a specification ahead of schedule to meeting Wu company, ask to translate the member that the company informs simultaneous interpretation ahead of schedule. But Bell Wang“ is likely because of affirmatory late ” was leaked to inform.


Division big question flies in open letter to say, company never “ conceals ” to turn write transmit sound together, the technical program that offers this, should sponsor square requirement to offer, to each just are sufficient and transparent. On September 19 afternoon, liu Qingfeng of flying president of division big question is in thematic speech, also write the specification that undertook making clear to passing speech to turn together. Next, the company is nonexistent also the possibility that encroachs simultaneous interpretation intellectual property, according to AIIC-United Nations Agreement (agreement of institute of dragoman of mouth of U.N. international conference) , the recording of oral interpretation / kinescope file organizes property right for employer all.


Division big question flies emphasize, at present company technology can turn already write also can translate, dispatch flies mode of heard two kinds of interpreters had gotten applied. Service of flying machine translation amounts to division big question many times 650 everyday at present. Everybody can hear APP through downloading dispatch to fly, on the mobile phone go ahead of the rest experiences dispatch flies turn write reach interpreter result. The machine translation that division big question flies to has achieved an university 6 grade level, will achieve English major 2019 8 grade level. Dispatch flying transducer is at present OK need of better contented and daily communication, machine translation function is mixed in day cat the user east leads Beijing to be amounted to reputably 99% .


“ our hope helps our tip with the machine pass the ability ” that develops him better together, division big question flew to explain the way of ” of “ man-machine coupling again. Bell Wang says he accepts dispatch to fly the explanation with respect to incident, think dispatch flies to did not make false conduct actively. He expresses, hope this thing “ is not farce ” , produce the event of value truly however, the hope can make everybody rational technology of look upon AI, do not unplug not rationally tall or debase. It is OK that he suggests dispatch flies look for an opportunity to follow to pass a bound to undertake formal communication more together, strive for remove to be misunderstood needlessly, explore the possibility of true cooperation.


Suffer grail whole be issued to lower levels and the chain-reacting effect that after “ be pointinged to builds false ” , cause, division big question flies share price newspaper received 28.93 yuan on September 25 / , drop nearly 4% , dish in lowest touchs 28.11 yuan / near future low. Of artificial intelligence of raise the quota of the company before this add hair plan to obtain card inspect to be able to be passed without listen dispatch.


Division big question flies emphasize, “ company did not make a holiday, to disloyal report, safeguard use statute weapon company reputation ” .


Division big question flies in public date to express, “ expresses the teacher’s care and doubt together partly in this second incident, also be worth us to consider seriously and absorb in will work henceforth. The industry expert handclasp that division big question flies to to expect and differ speaks, endow with for all trades and professions with AI can ” . According to Dongbi river billows introduces, division big question flies be about to hold “ to communicate communication of technology of product of ” of new tomorrow of coupling of man-machine of the —— that do not have a bound to meet, train of thought of products plan of assistant of oral interpretation of specific introduction company reachs practice, at the appointed time division big question flies executive president Hu Yu will be attended, the company wishs to explore prospective ” further with the personage “ that pursues language and interpreter career.

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