Disaster of be in short supply of Intel chip product reachs beautiful optical science and technology

Intel company (Intel Co. , the supply of goods of high-end computer chip that INTC) produces is insufficient, affecting the other sphere of industry of science and technology. The problem is incidence may have many wide.

This kind of influence is in week of 4 evening clearly, at that time, memory chip manufacturer is beautiful company of optical science and technology (Micron Technology Inc. , MU) issues bulletin of money of season of the 4th money, gave out disappointing outstanding achievement is forecasted. This company predicts at present, be in up to the money season November, its income will grow 16%-22% compared to the same period, the amplitude of income of lowermost odd season that this will achieve this company two years to come. Beautiful optical science and technology says, a main factor is, a few personal computer (PC) manufacturer did not purchase too much memory chip, the CPU chip be in short supply that because need,the reason is these manufacturer and rein in produces plan.

On the PC market nowadays, majority CPU chip is supplied by Intel, what great majority adopts in the center is Cheng of 14 pay the metric system, this is Intel is measured at present the most advanced in producing a product make Cheng. Intel has 3 to be able to make Cheng Sheng produce the plant of chip with this kind, but the exuberant requirement that these factories also want to satisfy data center to use chip at the same time, this is the business line with Intel the rapiddest growth. Not only such, intel produces the part even can distribute the modem chip that uses to newest generation IPhone, new fund is worn on IPhone Zhou Wu.

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