Detailed solves the NFC in the car

Near field corresponds (NFC) is the communication inside a kind of distance that lets two equipment be in a few centimeters the close quarters of 424kb / S of transmission rate of the alternant, biggest data two-way communication technology, use at safe, simple data switch coming true between two equipment. Regard RFID as a branch of the technology, NFC hopeful expands from the mobile phone the car applies. NFC is regarded as a lot of new cars to carry implementation technology of the function, still can simplify have a car to carry a function use and operate.

When the mobile phone of the user joins first with the car, the user that blue tooth conjugate needs for many times is operated interactively, and NFC needs “tap only&Pair” fast conjugate is alternant. Want to aim NFC mobile phone the NFC device inside dashboard only, screen of knock mobile phone, affirm conjugate, the car holds blue tooth port with respect to meeting activation car, send the message such as name of password of address of interior blue tooth, PIN, equipment to NFC mobile phone. Next, the mobile phone establishs safe link through blue tooth interface and car, complete equipment conjugate process. Process of this kind of intuitionistic conjugate can be finished inside 1-2 second normally.

The person that drive can set the environment inside personalized car with NFC, for example, system of entertainment of setting air conditioning, information (sound and indication setting) , lamplight, final destination. Individuation installs a function not the person that bureau be confined to drives, the passenger can use individuation to install a function likewise. Personalized setting information keeps existence NFC tag in, need to be in only NFC is read take implement personalized label is brushed on dashboard, can activation needs personalized setting. Other is used exemple include user test and verify, electron to pay to serve with activation, for example, the navigation map of activation other.

Low power comsumption asks to still let NFC technology apply to key card. Car advocate can open car door lock with NFC equipment, save the setting such as channel of the seat position of the user, broadcasting station, also can use NFC mobile phone or open a lock. The data that NFC lets car and mobile phone is shared become easier. NFC still suits those solutions that need agile use car particularly, for example, share car, car to rent, socialization is shared, motorcade management.

NFC interface is carried convenient, also can use outside the car. When the user locks up good car, the car will measure seat of car lock condition, car, fuel wait for car condition information to send a mobile phone, convenient user is used. These all using exemple make clear, NFC technology has tremendous applied latent capacity in the car. A few equipment that are based on NFC with exemple need (for example, the) such as mobile phone, PDA, additionally a few with exemple rely on public infrastructure of NFC / RFID (for example, take public transportation, pay, the) such as the ticket that buy check. Accordingly, the applied foreground of car NFC depends on directly market of NFC equipment future is permeated degree and the metabolic circumstance of infrastructure of NFC / RFID of world each district.

Regard the whole world as NFC and one of RFID technology pioneer, meaning law semiconductor offers products of all sorts of NFC / RFID, cover all NFC application demand, offer resourceful ecosystem for developer. The product of NFC / RFID of meaning law semiconductor includes label of NFC / RFID, dynamic NFC label and NFC / RFID to read take implement.

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