Day intermediary: United States of steer clear of discusses Chinese semiconductor industry to buy equipment from Europe

Day intermediary says, learned a few days ago, plan of long Xin of Hefei of business of memory of Chinese burgeoning semiconductor makes A Simai of equipment manufacturer Holand from semiconductor (ASML) introduce the most sophisticated equipment. The report says, because China is as intense with each passing day as trade war of the United States and high-tech attrition, more and more introduce a technology from the United States hard. Belong to the semiconductor of industrial innovation key to develop, will change direction purchase European equipment to find out a road in order to search.


According to ” Japanese economy news ” the website reported on October 23, what Hefei long Xin strives to purchase is the “ that be called extremely ultraviolet ray (EUV) the facilities of the peakest production of photoetching machine ” . Promote the new generation technology that belongs to semiconductor function to raise crucial “ to change ” imperceptibly according to saying this is, every equipment price is as high as about 100 million euro. According to weighing the biggest DRAM (random memory) electron of manufacturer Korea SamSung is already experimental introduce.

A Simai is right ” Japanese economy news ” express, “ treats equality client ” , put forward to do not have a problem to Chinese company sale this one view. Have inside the industry guess think, integrated circuit of international of the core in acting industry business makes Chinese semiconductor (SMIC) also had ordered to A Simai extremely ultraviolet photoetching machine.




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