Cut down the member of persons employed 20% ! Transition of big plant of component of another Taiwan batteries is efficient PERC technology

Afterwards Mao Di, green can later, this month 20 days, batteries of Chinese Taiwan smooth hot season and solar energy of package manufacturer Yuanjing (TSEC) announces to be opposite to answer market of international solar energy is short-term and fluctuant, improve competitive dominant position, will adjust product strategy direction (the batteries of smooth hot season of tall efficiency PERC with manufacturing higher profit and component) hand-in-hand travel personnel is compact (cut down the member of persons employed 20% , make an appointment with 275 people) .

Yuanjing solar energy

Yuanjing solar energy still expresses cut down the member of persons employed in announcement predicting Yubenji is finished before end, foreign nationality employee undertakes returning country or turn assistance by other employer appoint to a position, and the Taiwan stuff that gets an effect partly will inspect both sides of labour and capital demand and apiration arrangement are moved toward screen east package factory. Turn to wish innocently or cannot be competent relegation personnel, the company will use up enterprise society responsibility, the member that the requirement that will follow decretal standard with the greatest good faith executes a person cuts operation.

Since this year June, market of global solar energy is fluctuant and acuteness, the batteries of low efficiency smooth hot season of the export in causing manufacturing industry of Taiwan area solar energy cannot gain profit generally. Of acuteness wave motion advocate because of, besides chinese mainland 531 new politics bring about the mainland to install a quantity cut 3 outside becoming, the solar energy product that the European Union removes to be made to the mainland imports system of lowest price limit (MIP) , also make the market of the Europe of solar battery export of Taiwan area suffers concussion.

According to Taiwan media coverage, amalgamative first half of the year this year battalion receives Yuan Jing amount to 2.368 billion yuan, but gross loss rate is amounted to 12.2% , attributive parent company is only caustic 517 million yuan, every net decrease 1.08 yuan. Battalion of the 3rd season receives Yuan Jing to go continuously drop, amalgamative in September battalion receives a month to decrease 21.7% amount to 170 million yuan, relatively the corresponding period was decreased greatly last year 68.0% , accumulative total amalgamative battalion receives before this year 3 season 2.962 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period ebbed last year 40.1% .

Introduce according to its official net, solar energy established Yuanjing in June 2010, dedicated at production efficient with power station of Ji Guangfu of solar battery of silicon of high quality brilliant, component build carry with battalion, predict to be produced by 2018 can achieve 2GW, this company appears on the market at hanging out his shingle in October 2015.


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