Connect be in hot water high, or reach with FTC reconcile!

Gaotong and commission of American federal trade (the preliminary finding that FTC) Zhou Yi asks American federal court defers both lawsuit, so that spread out,reconcile negotiation.

FTC most antedate lawsuit is referred at the beginning of 2017, accusation is connected high use the monopoly position that opposes competitive measure to maintain market of mobile phone chip.

Connect refus high to be judged to this buy absolutely.

The person that superintend with the United States is reached reconcile will make the one big turning point that understands high. Because be faced with,the apple is mixed China to wait for the lawsuit of big client, connect high be in all the time defend its trade pattern, at the same time each district of alive still bound answers superintendency challenge.

These civil suit and the core of superintendency dispute depend on, whether is the patent accredit way that opens high formed oppose competitive action. The superintend person of Korea and Chinese Taiwan is maintained in preliminary finding connect high violate compasses, but this company has raised appeal, reach with the person that superintend partly among them reconcile.

This year in August, connect the person that superintend with Chinese Taiwan high to reach 93 million dollar to reconcile, affirmatory in future 5 years to the investment inside the island 700 million dollar.

Reach reconcile to telling husband of division of Mo Lun of CEO Steve · high (the financial goal of on the make of Steve Mollenkopf) implementation is crucial.

Some earlier this year when moment is faced with what rich connects to buy, molunkefu expresses, gao Tongxi hopes to be in 2019 money year every accrual after implementation is adjusted 7.5 dollars, this reduces cost with respect to need, concern with client and close of the person that superintend even.

The business of core patent accredit that knows high is able to maintain, and with the person that superintend and SamSung such big client reached an agreement, continue to allow its according to the collection of mobile phone price after adjusting fixed proportional patent fee.

The relation of this company and apple has not alleviate, latter is some earlier last year moment was referred in the light of the patent litigation that understands high, but at present have not sessional

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