Compose of Toshiba of future of have sth in mind is built brand-new concept system

To make the belief with mutual faculty and viewpoint of value, toshiba group made ” of brand-new system of concept of “ Toshiba group in July this year. After through company interior the conduct propaganda of period of time is carried out, the group will make public content of this concept system formally external at will rising on October 1, and release the brand-new brand vision expression that is based on this concept system.

The whole world that is tall profitability in the change below new system to ensure is banner enterprise, gain last victory in intense competition, the group changes this year fixed position for “ ” of the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor. Change to promote what realize this to have epoch-making sense, toshiba is in follow be as long as after the management concept of history of 143 years of inheritance and DNA, be examined cautiously and made this concept system. Henceforth, group ensemble member will serve as working criterion and basis with this concept system, solidarity, with period with solid technology innovation gives rich value, for construction but the society of durative development make contribution.

” of our viewpoint of value forms the meaning ” that this concept system manages our existence of concept ” , “ by “ Toshiba group, “ 3 times partly.

” of management concept of “ Toshiba group is the group catchword “ that made 1990 for the mankind and earth tomorrow on the foundation of ” , the group that follow of the same age makes manages the expression in the concept, in order to express the belief with fixed from beginning to end group.

The meaning ” of “ our existence is the important summary that should produce effect in the society to the group. The group was united in wedlock from virgin since accumulates belief feeling and technical actual strength, cover extensive business field, offer comprehensive solution, perserve, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, for the mankind innovation goes brand-new future.

“ ” of our viewpoint of value is the main value idea with group faculty mutual place, it is “ sincere letter certainly innovation of true ” , “ is begged change ” of ” , future of “ have sth in mind, “ keeps abreast of hand in hand ” 4 keywords.

Since October 1, the group will be in the place such as website of company ad, company, catalogue item to use those who be based on this concept system is brand-new visual expression, try to apply in respect of first class of calling card, letter gradually.

After introducing this concept system, the “ Toshiba group with group general original abolish is managed wish brand of Toshiba of scene ” , “ is enunciative / Toshiba brand catchphrase (Leading Innovation)” .

Toshiba is the diversity manufacturer with banner whole world, since founding 1875, rolled out the commodity of multinomial world initiate and service. In recent years, toshiba strengthens advantage industry ceaselessly, drive social infrastructure, the sources of energy, electron yuan the development of the main business domain such as solution of &ICT of parts of an apparatus, since Toshiba entered Chinese market 1972 oneself, use more than 100 years of background of experience and technology, rolled out the new product that can satisfy broad client requirement and service for the market ceaselessly. Future, toshiba will continue to improve the mankind to live secondhand through company service, offer more intelligence is changed, convenient the product that turn and service, set his mind at in order to come true, safe, comfortable society is a target. Toshiba will continue to perform enterprise society duty actively, commonweal activity is developed in Chinese each district, the harmonious development that is a society contributes force.

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