Class of electron of Zhenjiang of dimension of all alone Er passes oxidation hydrogen plant formal put into production

Shanghai, zhenjiang of dimension of Er of —— all alone is brand-new on October 22, 2018 electronic class crosses oxidation hydrogen factory to hold inauguration ceremony formally today. New plant is produced per year can be as high as 24, 000 tons, will supply a product to electronic industry. Crossing oxidation hydrogen is the chemical reagents with manufacturing electron indispensable integrated circuit.

In recent years, as the rapid development of Chinese electron industry, be washed with Yu Qing and etch the demand of the electronic chemical of large integrated circuit, LCD and semiconductor also subsequently increase sharply. Accordingly, in tasting an industry to already made trade of Chinese chemical industry, electronic chemistry grows one of the fastest, branch that have energy most.

“ produces the addition of business new requirement as semiconductor manufacturer and electronic product, we saw in China huge business increases a chance. New plant will help us dig the demand that domestic electron industry increases ceaselessly further. We also will obtain our product kimono Wu better in this locality client of China, ”rodrigo Elizondo of president of department of career of chemistry of particular kind of group of dimension of all alone Er expresses.

Besides have tremendous productivity, class of electron of Zhenjiang of dimension of all alone Er crosses oxidation hydrogen new plant to also will follow the operation principle that can develop continuously strictly. The factory uses pair of environments to do not have only or affect the smallest craft and facility, at the same time active management pollutes a source, in order to reduce the use of liquid waste and the sources of energy.

Plant of Zhenjiang of dimension of all alone Er is located at garden of industry of new material of chemical industry of Zhenjiang city green, also be Suoerwei in China the biggest industry produces base. As this formal put into production of new plant, suo Erwei already had ministry of career of 4 whole worlds to be in Zhenjiang the manufacturing base of this world-class develops operation activity. “ China is strategic market of Suoerwei, we are here already deep ploughing is close 40 years. What crossed oxidation hydrogen factory to reflect us to be in China to be able to develop for a long time continuously again in the electric sub level that Zhenjiang builds is affirmatory, sun Lihong of president of big China division expresses ” Suo Erwei.

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