Chip technology will be the important cornerstone that 5G develops

Chip is a general designation of semiconductor component product. Forehead of integrated circuit of our country entrance was spent 2017 amount to 260.1 billion dollar, adverse balance of trade amounts to 136.2 billion dollar, external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent tall, in the center of CPU(processor) , store, chip of high-end communication, video imports integrated circuit forehead every year to spend bigger, industrial dimensions and enterprise dimensions and developed country difference are bigger. Because information system floats final stay nods the technology to be on chip technology, because the promotion of this chip technology concerns the development of a lot of hi-tech industries, below the situation that builds 5G network energetically in our country especially, of chip technology upgrade to also concern development of network of our country 5G. Consequently, chip industry should hold 5G communication to expand opportunity, let chip technology expand contributive power for 5G

Chip technology will be the important cornerstone that 5G develops

“2017 year sales revenue of Chinese integrated circuit achieves 544.1 billion yuan, grow 24.8% compared to the same period. ” develops height forum to go up in the 2018 China chip that held a few days ago, industry of national integrated circuit invests Ding Wenwu of president of fund limited company to express, industry of the sex of strategical, foundation that serves as a country, forerunner sex, integrated circuit industry is a country is heavy implement, but compare with global level photograph, industry of our country integrated circuit still is put in bigger difference.

Science of southeast university information and Hong Wei of director of key laboratory of state of project prexy, millimeter wave think, capture the crucial technology extremely urgent of chip industry. 5G technology development concerns industry of our country chip to develop quality, because 5G technology will generate huge data, to industry of our country chip development brought very big challenge. Be in especially respect of technology of 5G radio frequency, no matter be microwave or millimeter wave, a lot of passageways must want high density compositive, as a result of frequency space of tall, nature is apart from compositive space is small, little, because this research and development is much the millimeter wave chip of the passageway is very important. Hong Wei introduces, southeast university already established a working group at present, to relevant system framework, standardization, spectrum, and chip, parts of an apparatus, craft is measured, enclose a technology to begin tackle key problem.

To achieve technical cooperation, 17 chip manufacturers of our country were signed jointly recently ” construct proposal of 5G industry modes of life and relation to their environment in all ” . ” proposal ” point out, 5G is global mobile domain new central issue of competition of round of technology, 5G turned mobile communication into a current technology, it is to cause the information revolution storm, puissant activator that leads everythings on earth interconnection. Be based on each cooperation of 5G technology, chip industry will interact closely, enter in all hand in hand, firmly grasps the great history opportunity that 5G communication times gifts, contribute force in order to make chip industry is the zoology construction of technology of Chinese 5G communication.

Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Lan of institute director assistant thinks, information system floats the stay point with last technology depends on chip, content couplet net is the innovation engine that drives chip development, different respect reflects content couplet net and other IT to go up in spatio-temporal character, because spatio-temporal character brings computation and memory to be transferred to terminal, after terminal is transferred embedded high-powered with intelligence it is chip of net of prospective content couplet occupational market most the competitive dot of core, had used at the same time new-style yuan of innovation that innovation of research and development of parts of an apparatus also will bring chip framework, this is the scientific research way that personnel of our country technology needs hard to tackle key problem.

In current chip technology assault fortified positions period, domestic chip industry is in redouble one’s efforts. Violet light exhibits vigor formal on this second forum establish ” of ” of Hu Ben of “ of mobile chip brand and Chun Teng of “ of brand of extensive join chip two big product line. Violet light exhibits vigor presiding apparitor Ceng Xuezhong expresses, the own research and development that adopts mobile chip and chip of extensive join domain reachs a design, this two big product line will form future respectively product matrix, offer more perfect product combination for the client, the research and development of low, medium, tall all fronts that builds our country to design domain and extensive join domain in global mobile chip jointly and product ability.

According to vise general manager of limited company of terminal of Chinese mobile group Wangdai brightness introduces, through China’s mobile and abroad terminal alliance holding water 2017, already gathered together currently production is allied 49 the home, sales are allied 62, the chip manufacturer inside alliance and channel business learn each other and communicate, make domestic company understands overseas market and requirement very much more, accelerated domestic chip industry to march the pace of overseas market.

In policy respect, in recent years the supportive strength of national policy also is being increased ceaselessly, include what industry of national integrated circuit advances compendium to come on stage, and establish industry of national integrated circuit to invest fund to wait. National hair changes appoint Sun Wei of vice director of hi-tech estate department expresses, to promote chip industry innovation develops, national hair changes appoint will have done concerned work further with concerned branch.

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