China the strategy that it is AI ” very fearsome ” , hua Weisheng vacates 910/310 to weigh a pound to release – controller / processor – with blame net


Do not cry criterion already, cry “ is very fearsome ” !


Just, china the strategy that it is AI is whole exposure.


On congress of 2018 Hua Weiquan join, china for spell president Xu Zhijun at a heat high density releases: China the strategy that it is AI, China for scene of full-court of AI complete inn solution, China the …… of 2 AI chip that unites Da Vinci framework to grind oneself


Wished because of mission of group of AI give up last year of scene China for, now, comprehensive start shooting marchs the battle of AI!

Announce AI strategy first

After today, again someone says China to do not have AI, likelihood Xu Zhijun is about grouchy. For AI, of Hua Weilian group wish scene changed.


Last year the end of the year, china wish newly for what decide scene and mission: The intelligent world of interconnection of everythings on earth, for wisdom outstanding intelligence, still be the theme of this congress surely“Intelligence, see prospective ” .


Before 20 minutes of congress, xu Zhijun told a truth: AI is too important.


As a kind of current technology, artificial intelligence nots allow to prospective influence and value small gaze, also be the linchpin that builds prospective competition ability, xu Zhijun says. Between “AI talent and demand, connect 1% be not satisfied. ” Xu Zhijun says, mix extremely sober between, it is huge drop.


In the spot, xu Zhijun announced first China bed AI strategy:

● invests basic research: The machine that implementation abstains safe and authoritatively, automatically learns fundamental capability

● makes complete inn plan: Make face the full-court scene such as the cloud, brim and end, independence and the complete inn that cooperate with solution, offer abundant, resource of economy calculating force, use easily simply, efficient, the AI platform of whole technological process

● invests open zoology and talent education, face global associate to cooperate, make open modes of life and relation to their environment, develop a person with ability

The solution enhances ● : Introduce AI thinking and technology Wu of existing product kimono

● in-house efficiency promotes: Use AI to optimize whole and in-house managing

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