Charge speed promotes once more 15% , connect QC 4+ high to fill a technology quickly to aid force to exceed 1000 equipment

News of market small network, connect high announce now, qualcomm®Quick Charge™ shows compositive already mix to more than 1000 mobile terminal, fittings in controller, it is industry what use the most extensively is fast charge solution. Quick Charge (QC of the following abbreviation) the technology already had 4 acting products at present, the ecosystem that its grow quickly covers 700 more than 200 mobile terminal, fittings and 100 controller.

Connect high

In mobile terminal respect, QC 4 charges the solution can be in about 15 minutes or the batteries n that is as high as 50% is filled inside shorter time. And the two-way that newest QC 4+ plan includes to increase charges, intelligence heats up the advanced and safe character of balance and other level, its charge rate is rapidder than QC 4 near 15% , efficiency promotion is amounted to 30% .

Connect senior vice president high to hold Alex Katouzian of mobile business general manager concurrently to state consumer hopes their terminal has longer batteries add boat all the time. And the QC technology that understands high can is opposite almost any mobile terminal undertake charging, no matter whether terminal supports QC.

Transmit the further progress of means through power, use supportive two-way to charge the mobile terminal of technical QC can achieve the efficiency that is as high as 97% , this imply charges the fewer n loss in the process, reduce the quantity of heat that terminal interior produces.

It is reported, QC 4+ is compositive brand-new batteries feels a technology, this technology can measure batteries voltage directly and let a system obtain cell well and truly current condition, the big electricity that keeps longer thereby charges, shorten further charge time.

Additional, QC 4+ still supports USB Power Delivery to regard main communication as means, no matter terminal whether inside buy QC or whether to use framework of processor of tall Tong Xiaolong, the charger that should deploy QC 4+ only can support his undertake charging.

Ravin Dhalani of officer of BQ company presiding technology, engineer of presiding research of LG mobile company holds hardware platform concurrently to develop chief Min Kyung-ho and millet company to charge technologist Li Zhijie expresses in succession, filling a technology quickly is current the most practical and one of the most welcome smartphone functions, connect QC technology high to be able to help an user provide first-rate user experience.

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