Car of couplet of stimulative intelligence network develops! Industry letter ministry releases frequency of communication of radio of car couplet net paragraph program

Recently, congress of car of couplet of network of intelligence of world of —— of conference of major of car of couplet of network of intelligence of level of first state of countrywide falls in Beijing next heavy curtain. On closure, industry and Xie Yuansheng of director of management board of informatization ministry radio are released ” car couplet net (car of intelligent network couplet) use even communication 5905-5925MHz frequency continuously paragraph management sets ” .

Current, new revolution of round of science and technology and industry change to changing this times deeply. As new generation IT and confluence of deepness of traditional automobile industry, the industry of automobile of intelligent network couplet of a -727379968 class is in emerge as the times require, open car new era. The radio frequency is the resource with very crucial car of couplet of development intelligence network, the object that the car is a motion wants to join with the network, the radio engineering is among them indispensable crucial step.

Recently, the application that is in our country to promote car of intelligent network couplet and development, the important radio in net of contented car couplet connects the requirement that communication equipment uses to radio frequency resource continuously, industry and informatization were released ” car couplet net (car of intelligent network couplet) use even communication 5905-5925MHz frequency continuously paragraph management sets ” . Develop to driving car of intelligent network couplet, open car new era is crucial.

Xie Yuansheng introduces, the frequency that partial country and area make clear radio frequency of intelligent traffic system paragraph, it is the frequency in 5900 million probably paragraph. Our country is car big country, mobile still Internet is big country, mobile broadband user has reached 12.8 100 million users, car big country and mobile Internet are big country, union rose to produce car of intelligent network couplet, this is hasten of general trends place, we should seize development opportunity, frequency of car of couplet of network of farther clear intelligence is used, to car of intelligent network couplet relevant technology research and development, experiment is mixed the standard make and main forerunner effect arrives since industrial catenary maturity.

” car couplet net (car of intelligent network couplet) use even communication 5905-5925MHz frequency continuously paragraph management sets ” establish a procedure, the mainest basis is ” regulation of radio of People’s Republic of China ” . In 5900 megahertz frequency paragraph, the radio frequency differentiates have 4 kinds of business, one is fixed business, traditional microwave communication, satellite secures business, mobile business to still have fixed position business, these 4 kinds of business are equal use. Mobile business differentiates is the foundation of this second frequency. The wireless communication with car couplet main network divides much, one is the communication between Che Genyun, this is to pass public mobile communication, advocate if be used at the service such as recreation of navigation, long-range monitoring, information,; is returned one is plant is a car with the car, the car follows a path, the car corresponds this kind directly with the person, this second those who release is a car with the car, the car follows a path, the car follows a person between the radio frequency of communication. The mainest purpose is to reduce traffic accident, include to strengthen car to control government, this is the car follows a car between. The car follows road news report basically is for service of real time news, car monitoring and management, the car basically is used at key of traffic safety, intelligence with the pedestrian, still have service of a few news.

At present the condition falls, the 20 million of the program take wide frequency resource, should the long-term demand in can be being satisfied. Nearly two years labour believes a ministry also give an official the LTE-V2X test that a lot of places have, before the regulation comes on stage, experienced a series of program, include to be asked for publicly opinion and seek departmental door opinion, include to send change appoint, the relevant section such as ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Communication, wide report, still have the opinion of community of automobile industry, telegraphic industry, Internet industry, society, still began an expert to seek advice from argumentation finally.

Through above each programs issued concerned regulation later, this regulation always shares 10. The mainest is the first one or two this frequency this frequency paragraph 5905-5925MHz frequency paragraph the working frequency that corresponds repeatedly continuously as the car couplet net that is based on LTE-V2X technology paragraph, with international mainstream frequency paragraph keep consistent, develop the feasibility with patulous obligate for future, very valuable, foreign some does mobile communication to auction 20 million frequency to lead several one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight U.S. dollors.

Encourage foretaste of local go ahead of the rest, supportive country special economic zone, new developed area is waited a moment, connect according to each other of measurable lead, interconnection, the principle of intelligence of safe and efficient, green, below premise of clear operation main body, carry out radio frequency license by each province, the radio equipment that roadside installs should handle license.

Take a demand to fulfil the State Council to put a valve, the car carries and portable radio equipment need not do any procedure, lest permit,can use. Production and entrance sell carry out, used radio to launch equipment to obtain radio to launch the model sanction card of equipment by the regulation even in our country churchyard.

Affirmatory radio violates protection and processing principle, basically be this frequency most paragraph on satellitic earth, undertake 3 years be examinationed newly no longer later too again, this frequency paragraph there is business of a lot of radio now using. These radio that had used are protected. Later if produce a problem, follow a radar station for example, apart of equipment of car couplet network 7 kilometers or the distance of 2 kilometers.

Industry letter ministry releases 5905-5925MHz frequency paragraph the radio of the core in planning to be used at car of intelligent network couplet corresponds repeatedly continuously, support the LTE-V2X technology application in car of intelligent network couplet and development, it is the event that milepost sense has in process of our country and even development of industry of automobile of couplet of international intelligence network, be sure strong promote technology of communication of new generation information and confluence of deepness of traditional automobile industry, new era of car of couplet of open intelligence network. Will strengthen international collaboration to coordinate below frame of international Telecommunication Union next, drive frequency of car of intelligent network couplet to use the whole world or area is unified.

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