Car electron market will be become erupt the dot supplies catenary collective layout

IDC reports data shows, global smartphone market will glide again 2018 0.2 % and come to 1.462 billion, chinese market can fall greatly again more 7.1 % .


Big ring circumstances is cold, supply catenary to also be affected accordingly.


Order gross decreases bring about atrophy of whole market share, supply catenary to be badly in need of maintaining sales volume to guarantee the utilization rate that produces a line thereby, must become aggravated spread out price fight closely, make industry competition environment is sent more abominable. This one phenomenon also is mirrorred in stock market, supply catenary majority to appear on the market the defeat below the Qi Qi after company share price ends first half of the year.


At present, the mobile phone supplies chain of the urgentest need is to find a La Hai. Gain ground in great quantities as car of new energy resources, drive at the same timeCar electronMarket dimensions is rapid and outspread, car electron becomes a mobile phone to supply the next turning point that catenary receives.


Demand of car electron market erupts supply catenary collective layout


Data shows, 2017, countrywide new investment is truckload project accumulative total achieves 91, 21 provinces mount a horse project of car of new energy resources, investment dimensions achieves 528.3 billion yuan; The car of new energy resources that look forward to of of all kinds car has made public is produced in can planning, arrive to will exceed 20 million 2020.



Diffuse in car domain continuously when the concept of new energy resources, promoted development of car electron estate greatly. Besides, cost of electron of car of car of new energy resources is occupied than with compare before even tower above a lot of. Produce and sale of car of new energy resources measures raise requirement of market of industry of electron of car of will direct promotion.


Car of new energy resources is produced can be in future will present volatile growth inside 3 years, also can appear to supplying the demand of catenary blowout.


Responsibility of wife having job shows: “ as car of new energy resources gain ground, demand can be increased ceaselessly, future is photograph no matter resemble head, indication screen, batteries or PCB industry, whole car electron supplies catenary to be able to appear new phase. ”


The author is batteries of contest of science and technology of Cong Shunyu optics, Ou Fei, Xin Wangda, heart, deep south circuit supply catenary to appear on the market in light of information of exposure of the money newspaper of the company, announcement, allude for many times the company reachs development state in the layout of car electron domain.


Europe humble science and technology spends middle finger of outstanding achievement announcement to go out in its half an year: The company mixes car of overall position intelligence car couplet net, make new pattern of ” of drive of “ double round. Inside report period, order of product of car phone subclass increases, the car carries photograph picture head, medium accuse systematic product to begin progressively quantity to produce; Business income 207 million yuan, grow 61.55% compared to the same period.


Shun eaves optics is in car electron domain, it is dedicated supply at what the car records scene.


As we have learned, 2004 up to now, shun eaves optics has been in gradually global car carries camera lens domain to occupy position, for the international such as BMW, BenZ at present well-known trademark offers money. Show level, every months of shipment makes an appointment with the Che Zaijing head of Shun eaves optics 3.5-4KK, come true compared to the same period the growth of 24.9% .


Be worth what carry is, PCB board piece one of industries that because gains of development of industry of automobile of new energy resources is maximum,became this year, review PCB to appear on the market the share price of the company, already much sunrise takes strong posture continuously now.


PCB board piece those who represent one of companies is deep south circuit, when accepting orgnaization survey recently, express: The company values the progress of market of prospective car electron, also break through strength in what increase this field at present. Future applies as of all kinds terminal (car couplet net, content couplet net) the extensive that emerge in large numbers, communication plans is being changed, the car makes old mobile terminal possibly also, the company is corresponding the technical advantage of the domain but farther outspread.


Produce can you expand quickly can you deny cause produce can bubble?


From supply chain company to be in light of the position condition of car electron industry at present, a lot of companies are expecting this one domain makes the 2nd growth after consuming an electron oneself extremely.


Mix at AI relatively actually for 5G, the development plan of domain of car of new energy resources really faster; Impose interest good policy drive, each district government enrols business actively, the enterprise plans to produce wantonly can. Know exactly about sth occupies statistic, the yield that at present each car look forward to plans can gross had achieved a country to put forward about the branch ” long-term development plans in automobile industry ” of 10 times.


However, in terminal market wantonly outspread and supply chain company to be answered actively below, whether can you cause journey of car electron industry to produce can superfluous condition?


In the light of produce can surplus problem, xu Changming of vice director of national information center expresses: “ foundation is current the population density of our country, car 1000 people retain the peak value of the quantity predicts to be able to achieve 400——500, to 2035, the car of our country retains quantity hopeful achieves 600 million ——8.5 100 million, the market scale with so large future is sure to cause produce can considerably outspread. ”


Above all, it is any industry no matter, the level that developing quickly meets those who experience period of time to expand; Next, car market still puts the growth space with have certain not only, relatively for the mode that changes quickly at the smartphone, the product cycle of the car is very long still, more the market supply and demand that benefit stabilizes at hold together.


Do not cross what decline to experiencing smartphone industry to promote to supply chain industry for, also answer this to put the idea that has be vigilant in peace time.


Initial stage develops in the industry, large-scale layout is produced can, even if does not have occurrence bubble, possible also meeting brings about those who supply chain to produce the condition that can be in high saturation. Come so, because price war restricts the situation that the industry grows,in car electron this domain is performed extremely likely also. Face a burgeoning industry, sound program is produced can while, the product gross profit with good hold together and competitive environment just are the way that makes industrial development longer.


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