Cannot master core technology, chip development will be clutched guttural

Chinese preparation is banner whole world, comprehensive roll out science and technology of 5G action communication, however, because local enterprise is excessive,the chip that admires Lai Xifang makes a technology, fear your estate development facing a challenge.

Have in China quite the official newspaper of consequence ” round-the-world times ” report, the day of Liu Kun 24 of semiconductor industry analyst that is stationed in Beijing expresses when accepting a special report, chip manufacturing industry of China, developing 5G technology field, be tightened to clutch pharynx and larynx by western partner as before, resurgence communication (ZTE) is. Although Chinese semiconductor industry person can design 5G chip smoothly, but as a result of 5G chip make Cheng get Yang Lai other to help as before relative to look forward to of complex, land. Although land look forward to can contain 2G chip, this already was the technology before 3 for generations however, short-term inside be afraid overtake other country hard.

According to the report of GSMA Intelligence, chinese anticipation can make the whole world 2025 market of the biggest 5G. Academy of Chinese news news report (CAICT) is forecasted, arrived 2030, the economy of 5G yields can amount to 6.3 million yuan RMB (be equivalent to 9, ) of 46.8 billion dollar.

Edition of English of day classics news justs to covered on September 17, half-and-half conductor manufacturing industry, equipment and material are crucial, but according to association of material of international semiconductor equipment (SEMI) statistic, this respect is in land look forward to of global market occupy be less than than returning 1% . An official points to ministry of Chinese science and technology continuously, want to develop these properties, need old background science to study ability makes professional technology, still need to expend several years to pass fast degree with character test and verify, do not wish the Chinese chip manufacturer of floriferous energy and design business, accordingly very depend on foreign supplier, nowadays eventually because of a bitter pill to swallow of trade war savor.

Nevertheless, analytic personage thinks, this hopeful quickens the pace of research and development of Chinese chip industry, reach the goal of autarky. Chinese the State Council already was in today (2018) year label chip industry the country to expand first job, beforehand the 2nd round assistance dimensions will exceed estimate 2, 0 yuan of RMBs. Industry of national integrated circuit invests foundation president Ding Wenwu to express, new fund will use the advanced chip technology such as 3D NAND of research and development, processor, FPGA, and the facility that builds China and material supply chain, also be urgent affairs. He points out, sino-US trade war is not probably is evildoing right-down, at least leader of government, industry and grass-roots already reached consensus now, the chip that wants Qi Li to make Chinese edition supplies chain.

Chinese 5G business already entered comprehensive sprint phase with development, industrial catenary is being prepared actively for this, manufacturer of chip of 5G mobile phone also is being accelerated advance step.

Xinhua News Agency covered on September 23, held by violet smooth group recently ” Chinese chip develops height forum ” on, whole world of violet smooth group carries out Ceng Xuezhong of the vice-president, violet smooth CEO that exhibit vigor to express, violet light exhibits acute to will be in bright (2019) year roll out 5G chip, the annual meeting of commercial application;2020 that realizes 5G chip rolls out 5G odd chip further, the high end that finish and terminal are comprehensive at the same time product position.

Outside exhibiting vigor except violet light, china for the company also announce before this, the kylin chip that assists 5G will be rolled out in next year, will roll out 5G intelligence machine in June 2019. Chinese shift has been released ” 5G terminal product is how-to ” , should be by this year roll out first 5G chip, next year year the first season publishs first 5G terminal product, the 3rd quarter to roll out 5G intelligence machine.

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