But fold mobile phone came really! SamSung: Will see on November 7!

China be and SamSung all the time darkling argue, contend for but a hair of fold mobile phone, look, of SamSung but fold mobile phone will take the lead in meeting with us, do not go out to be changed accidentally, will see SamSung on November 7 but fold mobile phone (or archetypal machine) !

SamSung but fold smartphone is in closer and closer, its are archetypal according to saying already research and development is old, last week later on one is pushed in article, samSung undertook building for this mobile phone situation, the “ of developer congress described as that is about to hold its now with the crossroad ” between future, showed two delicate figures, line spreads out arrowhead of a rightward, it is to alluding its fold mobile phone apparently.




Presiding apparitor DJ Koh is in SamSung to accepted the suggestion when CNBC is interviewed in September this product may be rolled out this year, congress time is SamSung developer to will be mixed on November 7 on November 8, at the appointed time we will see this eventually but fold mobile phone, perhaps saying is its prototype machine at least.




DJ Koh ever expressed before this, the user can use his as the flat computer that has much task to handle ability, OK also its fold becomes more portable mobile phone. And but fold mobile phone won’t resemble a few mobile phones previously be being sold in Korea only euqally, and can face global market put on sale.

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