Brilliant circle is produced can insufficient already alleviated, TDDI market grows quickly

TDDI(conformity is touched accuse market of IC) of drive of functional face plate to grow quickly, dui Tai (3454) is produced in this Ji Mojing circle can the problem is expected to alleviate gradually, be in the most quickly next year the first season is mirrorred on outstanding achievement expression with respect to organic meeting, additional, through photoelectricity of subsidiary honest nimble development screen issues optical type dactylogram to differentiate plan, it is force Pan next year has shipment plan first half of the year, dui Tai today share price goes up greatly for a time about 4% , the station answers lunar string position.

Battalion of the 3rd season receives Dui Tai 2.53 billion yuan, season decreases 7.32% , year decrease 23% , touch among them accuse to slide with drive IC, because demand of full screen mobile phone grows,basically be, type city is hanged to occupy outside making rate reduce, although IDC can be indebted Yu Bing act is narrow the trend of frame, but because the market has 80%TDDI to use 80nm HV centrally,make Cheng, bring about supply to be critical, each yield that can obtain can suffer relatively be restricted, dui Tai borrows by use add source of acting factory of circle of the others brilliant, or it is to because answer,use Cheng of 55 Nai the metric system, predict end of the four seasons is produced can furnish the condition that be critical can alleviate stage by stage.

TDDI market grows quickly, grind tone orgnaization beforehand appraise, annual shipment will amount to 326 million 2018, into be as long as 100.4% , just this is to suffer circle of brilliant of be confined to to take the place of as before salary source concentration and produce can restrict, TDDI chip shipment grows suffer be restricted, downstream course of study person turn type is hanged to touch outside collecting accuse (chip of Out Cell Touch) is replaced temporarily, TDDI chip shipment grew to still fail to react 2018 actual demand, permeability will not as good as 3 into, belt produce after can asking the problem is solved, growing range will be more distinct, although instantly TDDI is bigger supplier with Dui Tai with be being thought of newly, nevertheless couplet is chanted (3034) already was measured produce, and chart luck – KY also is expected to enter the market at undercut of the four seasons, join in succession along with participator, right old have a supplier and character, still have competitive Lv.

Differentiate in the light of the dactylogram below screen plan, honest peaceful department passes through subsidiary optical type dactylogram differentiates below screen of development of Dui Jieguang report plan, flaunt can come true to solve a lock in the dactylogram below the screen of LCD and OLED face plate, apply infrared glow to receive, because answer,Dui Tai anticipates the application of comprehensive screen, mobile phone of mainland of prospective half the number is expected to apply screen to lay plan pointing to differentiate, alone honest peaceful is current with client product still afoot, force Pan next year can have shipment plan first half of the year, legal person beforehand appraise, dui Tai the EPS after annual duty fell in 2018 0.72 yuan, and In-Cell guides along with participator the Lv that has competition, maintain indifferent judge etc.

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