Beautiful amalgamative cygnet, or inside trades?

On October 23 evening, the group that beautiful group releases announcement to weigh the United States or its are wholy-owned subsidiary reachs be adopted as heir to one’s uncle carry on etc of the total assets of cygnet, indebted, business, personnel, contract all rights and obligation. Think inside course of study, beautiful recombining cygnet was to value its gain ability and asset, and powerful washing machine business also was cygnet to gain the market beautifully.

Notable is, the business of cable of first time dialogue that this is not the United States undertakes conformity. Before this, returned pair of Toshiba home appliance beautifully to undertake business is adjusted. Personage of the analysis inside course of study expresses, white cable business still is beautiful main income source, but circumstance of gain of Toshiba home appliance remains to observe, business of cygnet washing machine and sea Er difference are bigger also, the difficulty that beautiful need resolves still has a lot of.

Announcement expresses, change absorb amalgamative after finishing, cygnet will be stopped appear on the market and cancel corporate organization, beautiful group because this second change absorb amalgamative place to add hair A the stock will apply for to reaching place greatly advocate board appear on the market current.

In fact, before the beautiful origin with cygnet wants restrospect to 10 years. 2008, beautiful electric equipment (beautiful group predecessor) bought this company with 1.68 billion yuan the equity of 24.01% , become control a partner. After this, through a series of movement, beautiful already will be opposite stage by stage of cygnet hold a scale to promote to 52.67% .

After this, beautiful group and cygnet are retentive all the time the mode of parent subsidiary, and maintain double brand to move on the brand, this one mode continued 10 years all the time.

Beautiful group and cygnet

According to coverage of Chinese economy network, in this amalgamative announcement, cygnet A hints, trade this to still need amalgamative both sides to hold a board of directors to discuss again through, wait for Chinese card inspect with vogue meeting approve. Cygnet still expresses, change this absorb amalgamative stock of the company before stopping a card trades existence is apparently unusual, existence is suspected of the likelihood inside trades to be investigated by put on record, bring about this to change absorb amalgamative by the time-out, venture that is ended.

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