Appearance of oxygen of blood of wireless pulse pointing to clip can not have blue tooth of accurate low power comsumption achieve the hematic oxygen degree of saturation that measures disease to suffer from and pulse rate value

Iatrical “PC-60F points to Keruikang ” of appearance of the oxygen that place blood uses parts of an apparatus of Nordic NRF52810 SoC, crucial healthy index data wireless synchronism arrives the smartphone of paramedic or healthy professional or flat computer

Norwegian Oslo–On October 16, 2018–The luck of family of city of Shenzhen of company of medical treatment technology that Nordic Semiconductor announces to be located in Shenzhen health the blue tooth of NRF52810 low power comsumption of Nordic of choice of industrial limited company (Bluetooth®System of class of chip of Low Energy /Bluetooth LE) (SoC) is ” of appearance of oxygen of blood of its “PC-60F finger tip to provide processing capability and wireless link.

PC-60F is the low power comsumption that the design uses at hospital, clinic and family appearance of oxygen of blood of pulse of blue tooth finger tip, use have only algorithm and without the method that achieves optics, the hematic oxygen degree of saturation that measures disease accurately to suffer from (SpO2) , pulse is led (PR) and index of blood stream perfusion (PI) . Index of hematic oxygen degree of saturation is the important physiology parameter that mirrors breathing loop, and index of blood stream perfusion is the hematic flow that passes body limb little blood vessel measure data. These disease that measure eventuate to take care of disease of serious respiratory system suffer from, the healthy state information that the disease that accepts anaesthesia in the operation suffers from and the cure of premature protects personnel to provide a key.

NRF52810 SoC parts of an apparatus uses as the core small controller of appearance of oxygen of this blood pointing to clip, benefit from benefit from processor of 32 the 64MHz with powerful function of this SoC parts of an apparatus, Arm®Cortex®M4, can realize signal of hematic oxygen degree of saturation to collect, algorithmic operation and OLED show an operation, provide function of blue tooth of low defer low power comsumption, wireless join reachs taller version to blue tooth 4.0(of the individual) smartphone or flat computer. @Health of Keruikang’s IOS and process of An Zhuo application can cooperate to it, rate of degree of saturation of oxygen of real time indication blood, pulse and other and crucial healthy index, and back user memory and the historical data that manage disease to suffer from.

Appearance of oxygen of this blood pointing to clip uses two AAA alkalescent cell, supportable be as long as 36 hours of consecutive working hours, this part is attributed to the character of low power comsumption of Nordic SoC parts of an apparatus, and equipment suffers from in disease when finger is inserted and be being taken out switch on the mobile phone automatically / pass functional power. NRF52810 parts of an apparatus has the character such as the electric current of RX/TX of 4.6mA peak value of 2.4GHz radio, can utmost ground reduces power comsumption, its are full automatic system of power source management can reduce power comsumption to even lower than SoC of Nordic NRF51 series 80% .

The parts of an apparatus of SoC of NRF52810 much agreement of Nordic combined radio of much agreement of processor of 32 a 64MHz, Arm Cortex M4 and 2.4GHz (support blue tooth 5, ANT™ and have) of software of 2.4GHz RF agreement only, have 24kB RAM of Shan Cunhe of lower radio power comsumption, 196kB. NRF52810 SoC cooperates inn of agreement of newest version Nordic S112, this is to accord with blue tooth the RF agreement software of 5 standards.

Han Haiyang of inspector general of department of mobile medical treatment expresses Keruikang: Because it has the character with low cost, low power comsumption and high integral performance,parts of an apparatus of NRF52810 SoC of “ our choice is. The CPU function with powerful Nordic SoC and resource of Shan Cunhe RAM can let us run algorithm of hematic oxygen degree of saturation effectively. ”

In “ is developed in the product and checking a process, nordic offerred very precious fast technology to although we are developing the communication problem with was encountered thorny in the process,support; , but under the help that is in Nordic company, we are in weak point the problem was solved inside two days. ”

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