Ansenmei releases carborundum (the car application that SiC) diode uses at requirement Yan Ke

An Sen beautiful semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) , released carborundum (SiC) Xiaoteji the patulous series of diode, include to be used technically at the parts of an apparatus of the car application of requirement severe exacting. The diode of new car class SiC that accords with AEC-Q101 car compasses offers contemporary car to use wants reliability and solid sex, and be equal Yu Kuan is banned unoccupied place (the numerous performance dominant position of WBG) technology.

Ansenmei releases carborundum (the car application that SiC) diode uses at requirement Yan Ke

SiC technology offers more much better than silicon parts of an apparatus switch function and higher reliability. SiC diode did not restore electric current reversely, switch function and temperature have nothing to do. Admirable hot property, addition power density and the electromagnetism that reduce are disturbed (EMI) , reduced systematic size and the cost that reduce make SiC makes the admirable choice that more and more high-powered cars use.

The new SiC diode of An Sen beautiful semiconductor uses popular surface to stick outfit and via to enclose, include TO-247, D2PAK and DPAK. FFSHx0120 1200 volt (generation of V) the 2nd acting parts of an apparatus offers parts of an apparatus and FFSHx065 650 V 0 restore reversely, low emerging to extremely the voltage, electric current stability that has nothing to do with temperature, small leakage current, Gao Lang capacitance and temperature coefficient. They are offerred taller can effect, and faster refreshment raised switch rate, reduced the size of requires magnetic element thereby.

To satisfy solid sex requirement, use the reliably job in harsh electric environment in the car, the design of diode can bear big surge electric current. They still include a kind to raise dependability and the structure of distinctive and patent terminal that strengthen stability. Working temperature limits is – 55 ℃ come 175 ℃ .

Fabio Necco of senior inspector general says An Sen beautiful semiconductor: Beautiful semiconductor of “ An Sen rolls out the parts of an apparatus that accords with AEC car compasses, expanded series of diode of Xiao Te radical, bring the distinct advantage of SiC technology for car application, make the client can achieve this group course of study to ask to the Yan Ke of function. SiC technology special apply to car environment, offer taller effect, can quicker switch, better hot performance and taller solid sex. In the domain of exquisite and economic space and weight, the power density with higher SiC conduces to the size that reduces integral program, and the relevant advantage that smaller magnetic parts of an apparatus brings, get client place reception. ”

An Sen beautiful semiconductor will reveal these new parts of an apparatus or appliance and company to be in during PCIM the plan of the domain such as illume of power supply of control of broad forbidden band, car, electric machinery, USB-C, LED and the intelligent passive that are used at industry to forecast a gender to maintain application sensor (SPS) .

An Sen beautiful semiconductor still will show the advanced SPICE model of banner industry, this model is affected with what circuit layout disturbs easily by program parameter, because this photograph builds modular capacity to current trade,be one great progress. Use this tool, circuit designs staff but in advance assesses a technology in emulation process, and need not pass costly make iteration with what cost. Installing the SPICE with dark beauty solid semiconductor to forecast another profit of the model is it can join the emulation platform port of a variety of occupation standard.

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