An Fuli hand in hand Not Impossible Labs experiences to break acute hearing personage to create spot music

Both sides devotes oneself to to create the technology that gives more change life, first collaboration product is brand-new and oscillatory type can apparel equipment appears on Lasiweijiasiyinlehui

On October 11, 2018, chinese Beijing —— last weekend, a lot of breaking what experience of acute hearing personage went to a kind to all enjoy spot music is brand-new means, make “ impossible that ” became “ likelihood ” . Installing rich benefit and Not Impossible Labs first in product collaboration, use Vibrotextile™ technology can apparel equipment “Music: Not Impossible” realized this “ to include the hour of sexual ” .

The activity that gets the person that invite is faced in in, concert audience wears light qualitative vest, adorn hand annulus reachs crural annulus, these equipment can pass the musical vibration of skin surface to create the organic experience that gave be personally on the scene. This kind of advanced oscillatory technology makes “Music: Not Impossible” product can build a kind to have include quality and more powerful spot music experience, broke the audience with acute hearing personage and normal audition to share the musical experience of an unprecedented on the concert.

This new technology appears during division of music of “Life Is Beautiful” , use on concert of its special performance by rock-and-roll team Greta Van Fleet. This activity is mixed by Zappos Adaptive Church Of Rock&Roll is sponsorred, hold a place to be in Bunkhouse Saloon. “Music: Of Not Impossible” roll out be worth the month of consciousness of American deaf person September (the week of international deaf person that National Deaf Awareness Month) and weekday begin (International Week Of The Deaf) . This plan is the one part that bilateral and long-term cooperation concerns, this one collaboration is in An Fuli the mission of products plan and the professional knowledge of production domain and Not Impossible is united in wedlock together, let more person can use the technology of benefit mankind.

To end through distinctive end the technology develops ecosystem, the expert is in An Fuli’s project to cooperate with Not Impossible Labs all the time, roll out Music:N hand in handOt Impossible, include to be designed for its, purchase material, and compose builds manufacturing network to provide a help.

Presiding apparitor Bill Amelio expresses An Fuli: “ we are very glad to can help Not Impossible Labs promote innovation to the market, and this is the first pace. Break acute hearing personage to also can enjoy spot music nowadays, this is to change the life to make a person of hearten, but creating such experience is a complex difficult problem however. By right of us pair of technology, designs, production and production profundity understand, we and Not Impossible clasp, convection Cheng undertakes guidance, and ensure our collaboration can bring everybody this technology. And this still is to begin merely, we are spreading out collaboration around more VibrotextileTM products with Not Impossible nowadays, make its apply in recreational side not only, more patulous to cure, communication and safe domain, the life that is a lot of people brings improvement. ”

Music: Not Impossible is the originality that author of Not Impossible Labs holds presiding apparitor Mick Ebeling concurrently. This orgnaization that he founds devotes oneself to to solve the difficult problem on the world, include to let break acute hearing personage to be able to learn spot music among them. Mick Ebeling and CTO Daniel Belquer developed prototype of a job, and from received exciting echo at the beginning. Give to transmit this new technology more extensive suffer numerous, they used knowledge of technical solution major.

Mr Mick Ebeling expresses: “Music: Not Impossible shaped musical future, normal to losing acute hearing personage and aural comprehension audience is such. We celebrate oneself brand history to go up on this concert, can saying even is the one big milepost on musical history, and every Music of the spot: Not Impossible equipment cannot leave An Fuli’s help. An Fuli gives us adamantine support, and be in product development and the product large-scale push have substantial professional knowledge to market respect, these making that we can last dedicated the innovation technology that makes blessing mankind at founding. “

On the concert, the person with normal audition includes already in the audience, also have at the same time break acute hearing public figure, they wear Music: Not Impossible can apparel equipment. Begin to perform when band, audience can pass the body the vibration of each place, come to what synchronism experiences every kinds of musical instrument perform.

Technical principle

“Music: Not Impossible” is wireless can apparel system, can found the vibration that does not have defer, perfect and as synchronous as music. The person that apparel can adjust oscillatory lose by force, its level shows through chromatic LED lamp. On spot concert, the musical element that the artist emphasizes particularly on each different, because this is every user,make every time spot experience is unique.

An Fuli arrives through distinctive end carry ecosystem, offer design, product, sale and supply chain relevant and professional knowledge, every phase that is product lifecycle then provides support. The that this ecosystem still includes Premier Farnell of expert of small small company and Element14, dedicated design, and Dragon Innovation of production solution provider, its can decrease major general product to push the time to the market, cost and complexity, aid force Not Impossible to fulfill innovation “ from promote the goal to much ” .

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