Allegro MicroSystems, LLC releases simple and easy step-down – step up solution, expand product of car LED driver is combined

New product can satisfy car market to be opposite distinctly the 3 demand to solution of driver of LED) of 4 WLED(Bai Guang

–Allegro MicroSystems of Mancunian city of state of Er of assorted of cloth of American new rarely, abbreviation Allegro) announces to roll out the newest member ALT80802 of product of driver of LED of 62xx/808xx series illume under LLC(. New product can be satisfied use 12V batteries to input drive, individual LED is strung together have the 3 main tendency of the market to LED of 4 Bai Guang, special agree with lamp of drive a vehicle of fog lamp, back-up lamp, daytime (the application such as sidelight of DRL) , rearview mirror and other car illume. ALT80802 solution can with other competitor almost impossible means satisfies these illume to ask, have distinctive 2MHz character of service, buildup PWM moves light energy force and breakdown to protect a function, and can reduce the amount of exterior component considerably. In addition, this new parts of an apparatus or appliance can be in be as high as the job below 2A electric current to be in step-down mode, can with batteries drive 1 to 2 WLED, or from beforehand drive of step up power source amounts to 12 WLED.

ALT80802 is manostat of a high frequency switch, can offer constant output electric current with drive high-power LED. This parts of an apparatus can shake through frequency, diode of mild follow on current closes to change rate to improve EMC/EMI to design with node of good pilot switch, of the buy inside its but process designing oscillator allows ALT80802 switch frequency to be as high as 2.5 MHz, be in EMI sensitive frequency thereby paragraph (the frequency that be like AM paragraph) besides. ALT80802 is compositive still have one is used at step-down or turn over photograph step-down – the power MOSFET that step up changes, its 50V rated voltage makes can bring a foot to be able to join Vin undertakes be startinged automatically, move light in order to support the batteries class PWM that middling of controller of traditional automobile body sees. ALT80802 parts of an apparatus has the range of wide input voltage of 3.8V ~ 50V, bring very tall flexibility thereby.

Pass voltaic mode control and simple and easy exterior compensation, ALT80802 parts of an apparatus can realize swift transient state to answer. The operating ring road of this parts of an apparatus moves light for PWM only and design, have the short open that move light time, low guide hold range of sky comparing and broad shift light through strong, accurate PWM. ALT80802 parts of an apparatus still has extensive protective function, include to chase protection of short circuit of mode of limitation of pulse electric current, belch, open a way among them / open a way of protection of diode of short circuit follow on current, BOOT / short circuit protection, VIN is owed press Suo Dinghe heat closes a function to wait.

ALT80802 parts of an apparatus accords with AEC-Q100 car occupation standard, use small-sized the 10 DFN that cite a base are enclosed, contain medicinal powder hot solder dish and can touch stannic flank.

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