5G is badly in need of business using be born, where is applied setting

Current, 5GAlready made the central point that inside and outside of industry of science and technology pays close attention to. Begin as what 5G technology experiments, 5G zoology already saw scale first, industrial group is in main to 5G business was used 2020 advance quickly. Face historic technical revolution, how to quicken 5G business to use be born? How does industrial catenary divide the work does cooperation advance 5G? How to release the potential value of 5G? These are the issues that must want to think deep in showing level to develop program process.


Recently, in endow with with “ can cloud net end, in all the peak of network of “ Intel 5G· that ” of condition of casting new student gives priority to a problem is met on ” , senior vice president holds the Intel company concurrently Sandra Rivera of general manager of department of network platform career expresses: “5G is the communication technology of next generation not just, it is the DNA peace station that compose builds future to innovate more. It is meant without seamed join and approximately infinite computation force. We are certain, 5G communication will overturn and weigh model network, become those who endow with can new invention, new creation to overturn sexual force. The technology is the foundation of Intel 5G, but technical itself is insufficient, still need powerful industry collaboration and ecosystem. Intel is cooperating together with extensive industry associate, quicken 5G be in order. ”


Graph: Senior vice president holds Intel concurrently Sandra Rivera of general manager of department of network platform career


Look in Intel, 2G realized speech to communicate, 3G brought data to transmit, 4G represented rapidder rate and richer data application. Although 5G also will be brought,rapidder rate is mixed more extensive enclothe, but the might of 5G will be far more than hereat. 5G will make whole industry produce new application, include to increase model mobile broadband (for example virtual reality / enhance reality, high-definition video to wait) , the communication between huge machine (for example factory of wisdom city, wisdom and intelligent family) , super- believe with low Shi Yantong reliably (for example nobody drive, industrial control) etc. Grow to answer the explosive type of content couplet equipment, data, and diversification uses the requirement of the exemple, urgent need makes a height agile, can expand, but process designing and the network infrastructure that can constitute, in order to satisfy the requirement that future innovates.


Be based on this, intel has been built comprehensive, combine to the product of end from the cloud.


  • Face terminal, intel rolled out the 5G modem with general whole world of industry head money;


  • Face network and cloud, include brand-new Intel comes strong the product combination that can expand processor is abounded inside, can back burgeoning data concentrated model 5G job is laden. On one hand, casting wireless and patulous ability, drive network brim intelligence to change development. On the other hand, be in what can achieve the most high-energy effect locally, realized fast and migratory data, memory and processing information.


  • The FPGA that Intel offers, memory, safe solution and optimize software, sex of operation of the compatibility that carries to ensuring end arrives, each other and implementation are taller speed and lower when delay optimize likewise crucial.


Because 5G experiences,can come true in the ability after network be in order only, because this Intel is dedicated to cloud calculative,enclothe arrive to the brim from data center equipment, make the partner can be used show some to be based on Intel ® to be a client to the fundamental framework of strong ® processor the experience of new generation of rapid development, test and deploy and service. The network function that this includes to be based on Intel technology to move among them is fictitious change (NFV) define a network with software (SDN) solution.



Each link promotes industrial catenary hand in hand 5G business uses be born



5G must rely on the join forces of whole ecosystem to drive. For this, the manufacturer that Intel is preceding with industry and origanization construction are extensive cooperation, drive jointly make and implement new standard, ceaseless definition, archetypal test and verify, check and the 5G technology of the generation below consign, exploration is brand-new use pattern and drive with exemple be born, let 5G become reality truly in cloud net end. It is reported, intel already hand in hand broad partner, around 5G new standard developed test of wireless technology of more than 25 5G successfully, promote 5G be in order in order to quicken.


Face 5G chip research and development, intel and violet light exhibit acute to maintaining close cooperation all the time. Can go up in the peak, violet light exhibited acute to share its to carry Android smartphone to use Intel 5G modem in China, and the plan that uses its to apply processor ROC1 inside global limits. Violet light exhibits vigor Chou Xiaoshen of chief technology officer says: “ from last year beginning, we and Intel open the collaboration around 5G. Current, bilateral cooperative progress is very rapid, the solution that we offer got the wide attention of OEM partner. These partners expect to employ our solution, in order to satisfy the requirement of China and even global market. Vice-president of ” Intel company holds general manager of department of communication facilities facilities Dr. Cormac Conroy concurrently to express, as the development of 5G dimensions, intel develops those who be based on current LTE modem potential energy formidably, aim at wide global market.


To implement 5G network be in order, telegraphic industry has formed consensus, urgent need replaces the hardware of fixed function define computational platform for software, turn intelligence to network brim. Carry this kind of kind, telegraphic operation business will will reduce cost effectively, offer better network control and automation, have consideration in the place that needs most.


Zhang Chong of dean of academy of technology of Chinese UniCom network shared the newest observation that researchs a field in 5G. Zhang Chong thinks, 5G technology raised new requirement to chip, in light of the whole chain that carries from cloud net, there is the demand of a large number of diversifications in high in the clouds and terminal side. Face these demand, the solution of special chip will be the key of development. Future, very will difficult imagination solves the terminal problem of all application setting with onefold chip. Accordingly, the innovation of prospective 5G is the innovation of the network not just, still be the innovation of chip.


Zhang Tong of dean of Chinese mobile academy must say, in the past a few years, chinese shift is maintaining close cooperative relationship with Intel all the time, accelerate 5G process jointly. Be worth what carry is, intel is one of members that join Chinese mobile 5G the earliest to combine innovation center. Current, bilateral collaboration basically spreads out around 4 respects: It is to be aimed at core net to realize independent group net, both sides carried out a large number of optimizing to work; 2 it is collective start and the ——OTII of open IT infrastructure project that support faces telecommunication application; 3 it is to face the collect of the server to collect, each segment that make a test from the model provide overall support; 4 it is Intel take an active part in and support ORAN alliance, drive new generation jointly wireless the open standard that receives a network.


Chinese telecommunication is academy chief engineer, medium 1000 people plan group ministry to hired expert Dr. Biji to elaborate the innovation that how leads perpendicular industry through 5G technology and development especially. Look in him, operation business in 5G times urgent need searchs new profit pattern and applied field, and the main component that expanding perpendicular trade is prospective 5G development. Bi Ji thinks, promote the development of perpendicular industry, need changes thinking, focusing serves at the individuation such as big data, artificial intelligence. Whether the service that provides individuation, will be success of decision future 5G the key.


5G develops the process of perpendicular industry, realize the process that individuation serves namely. Have focusing individuation service and perpendicular industry only, ability opens a phase in 5G domain. Chinese telecommunication and Intel are in MEC (receive the brim to calculate more) the respect has better cooperation, besides, still be in firm network, much receive platform respect and Intel to cooperate extensively, promote the development of 5G.


Current, whole China industry is in forward 5G commercial target quickens sprint. By IMT-2020 (5G) the test of 5G technology research and development that pushs group of leaders to carry out is the crucial link in process of Chinese 5G development, will be Chinese 5G business was used 2020 lay a foundation. Intel is only whole course participate in and outstanding the chip firm that completes 3 phase test.


Can go up in the peak, china for technical limited company technology of Gan Bin of vice-president of product line of wireless network 5G, Intel and systematic framework reach a client to carry career department vice president to hold concurrently standard and Asha Keddy of next general manager of generation Technical Division appearance jointly, introduced the newest progress that urging 5G standardization and technical test side. Hua Weixuan cloth and Intel combination were finished be based on in June 2018 since the portion the SA of newest 3GPP R15 agreement (Stand Alone) the first data call of the framework, the whole technological process that completed 3GPP R15 agreement thereby (NSA and SA) , the IODT collaboration that this indicates the move is bilateral moved toward business formally to use a test from test of research and development. This test is IMT 2020 (5G) the one part that the 3rd phase experiments. Future, two companies will continue to cooperate drive international Telecommunication Union (ITU) of the standard finish.


The eaves of shake of Hou of systematic department assistant inspector general of Baidu announces to establish calculation of 5G AI margin to combine a lab with Intel, in order to explore shirt-sleeve brim and cloud service, provide better user experience, advance 5G to be in the application of content couplet net, recreation and car domain.


Additional, on congress of dwell of cloud of Hangzhou of the Baba in the A in the near future, alibaba one of first strategic partners that AliOS labels Intel its intelligence traffic to plan, aim to help the road transportation network that builds an intelligence. These two companies and big the Tang Dynasty telecommunication is based on exploration Intel network brim fictitious change software development to cover (NEV SDK) 5G communication and brim calculative V2X use pattern.



Applying setting is crucial



In 4G times, the cloud dish the service is popular, but because suffer bandwidth of be confined to at that time, the cloud cannot make principal part, the thing that it can do is very few still, make very complex calculation without method, can regard as only simple memory tool. And once 5G liberated bandwidth to restrict, on the cloud richer interactive can change high in the clouds from former client end, include to shed game of media video, cloud, even AR/VR is alternant. Have the capacity of high in the clouds that 5G place brings, equipment itself needs to do only very the processing of very lightweight, low doorsill, this is told to the user is very efficient, the great change that brings to the cloud from 5G can see the future of 5G application undoubtedly.



“ is told from the angle of B2B, one kind when be valued extensively by industry at present is the intelligent network couplet that is a delegate with the car, drive when intelligence when developing L4 form, V2X will be become must, a few ability V2X and couple of traditional stand-alone intelligence capability rise, this is 5G business uses very big opportunity drop. Another suits what 5G applies is industrial setting probably, intelligence is made, especially high-end intelligence creates setting. Zhangyun of expert of plan of 10 thousand people flies to director of lab of network of ” Tecent future, country to depict 5G to apply setting potentially so.


The question with only “ is commercial pattern has not done well ” , ministry of facilities of center of Intel company data lady of Lin Yi colour emphasizes general manager of department of framework of vice-president 5G network, “ the appropriative on conduit corresponds now technology already perch, but Internet developer does not know the likelihood also is not willing to know conduit to go up how should be the face operated, this reveals the importance that API develops with respect to body. Need the still has 5G trade pattern of attention, how to change now, how to manage, how to let each industry change to live when relay add in 5G, off-the-peg without abroad experience goes to these things consulting. ”


Although already took shape,at present whole 5G of home works however still shoulder heavy responsibilities, stability of network function, network, each respect and anticipate still have a few difference. Still need entire industry colleague to continue to be explored deep.



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