3D of generation biology prints organic chip to come out, medicaments is chosen had detect ” god implement “

On October 20, inc. of science and technology of flying biology of Hangzhou nimble Nuo combines the college such as university of Tsinghua university, Hangzhou electron science and technology, released the generation 3D that funds research and development by ” of plan of research and development of “ nation emphasis to print OrganTrial of organic chip product.

3D prints organic chip

According to introducing, the success of this product is developed, be chosen for medicaments and the security of evaluation of the consistency outside body, food and cosmetic and effect detect wait for a domain, offerred new essence of life to allow platform of research and development, drove biology 3D to print the application in medical treatment and pharmacy domain. Current, existing state of affairs of development of domestic and international medicaments is high investment, low yield piece, high risk, inefficient, lacking what essence of life allows to choose a model is the bottleneck that perplexes medicaments development. The biology 3D of “ personalized establish, intervening appliance prints a technology to weigh big special ” is research and development of “ nation emphasis plan ” funds a project.

University of science and technology of electron of this project chief scientist, Hangzhou teachs Xu inscription favour to say, the crucial technology of OrganTrial organ chip makes small layer analyse become for MCT(disperse like the technology) , Tissue Nest(organizes mew) etc, all be the former technology that achieve a gender.

After “ biology 3D prints a technology to appear, can help scientist batch change ground compose to build Gao Fangsheng to organize an organ. Of product of chip of 3D stamp official appear, can help scientist compose build miniature to change more, the model of physiology of copy unripe pathology of much organ, accelerate research rhythm, press the technical application in medical domain. Favour of ” Xu inscription says.

According to introducing, organTrial organ chip contains two module that can combine again independently already: Doloers module is in small stream in controlling a system compositive small intestine / the organization such as the skin, liver and tumour, can emulate the medicaments absorption in human body, metabolization and the action that organize to drone; Hive module has taller nimbleness, the user can is based on honeycomb model organic chip is unit, resemble playing “ system of more complex constituent organ chip is built like happy tall ” .

Zhejiang university college of medicine is accessary clinical medicine learns the first hospital the research center says in professor Shen Tujian, phase of different to medicaments development has chip of 3D stamp official very great value, include inchoate medicaments to choose, clinical Ⅰ period medicaments experiment and essence use drug definitely.


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