3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces of Europe of imitate chip beautiful day, indigenous industry how break out of an encirclement

As a result of the popularity of PC and smartphone, connect what wait for manufacturer do one’s best with SamSung Intel, high to gain ground, we knew home as advanced as international on these digital chip level has not little difference. But actually besides these digital chip, we are inImitate chipPrecede with international above the difference of the manufacturer is more apparent.


Show according to the statistical data of ICinsights, the total sales of imitate market was 54.5 billion dollar 2017, among them the 59 % that before 10 IC supplier held global sale (it is 32.3 billion dollar about) . Among them the chair that heart state apparatus continues to occupy imitate by force to sell champion with 9.9 billion dollar, market share is 18 % , banner the 2nd ADI double much.




Rank the imitate IC chip of before 10


We can see sheet of analytic above watch, these 10 manufacturers are to come from ground of beautiful day Ou San entirely, our country manufacturer is in imitate chip respect, basically do not have any places that give prize. In digital chip respect, the Hua Weihai of the mainland is thought of, violet light exhibited acute to there also is good performance in the whole world in recent years. In other words, chinese imitate chip still has very long way to want.


Imitate chip is increasingly important, domestic gap is apparent


About the definition of imitate chip, different person has the view of different person. Look from classification, we are general the product be called by a joint name such as parts of an apparatus of an ADC, PMIC, Suo Xianghuan, power and PA is imitate chip. Compare with digital chip photograph, because imitate chip is opposite to engineer requirement taller; In designing a process, a lot of Know How need more difficult experience to accumulate; In producing a course even, also have a lot of nonstandard the technology that change, this makes of imitate chip into travel camp opposite taller. But this is very important, the domain that we must capture.


It is with ADC exemple, this is the bridge that machine and real world communicate, it is a very main product. But the ADC product of those high end, abroad is contraband to our country, this restricted our country to be in the development level of high accuracy instrument. Parts of an apparatus of the other source control that be like report, power is same also, if our country is done not have relevant supply, the basic cable source control that links equipment must count foreign firm, this sends in trade issue frequency now, it is a sword that amounts to Makelisi. Add the last few years, the market of imitate chip expands increasingly, important rate promotes increasingly.



Dimensions of imitate chip market


ICinsights expresses, the main motive force that converter of IC of power source management, signal and special imitate chip will become imitate market to develop next a few years, especially the imitate chip that car electron drives, it is a when imitate market cannot ignore main source more.


Forecast according to theirs, 2017~2022 year, imitate chip market is in compound year add rate (CAGR) will achieve 6.6% , 5.1% of market of excel whole IC. The dimensions of market of global imitate chip was 54.5 billion dollar 2017, beforehand appraise arrives when 2022, market dimensions will reach 74.8 billion dollar. Show for data in, light is the chip market dimensions of Chinese imitate circuit, arrive to will achieve 250 billion RMB 2020, for this, develop demand immediate attention of industry of domestic imitate circuit, but we should see, imitate chip of home, opposite for very puny.


It is with power parts of an apparatus exemple, the statistic of Chinese semiconductor guild shows, 2017, supplier of country’s biggest power parts of an apparatus is Jilin China microelectronics. Leaf through the financial forms for reporting statistics of this company, 2017, their battalion closes for 1.635 billion RMB, net profit is 94.85 million.



2017 parts of an apparatus of Chinese semiconductor power 10 strong companies


And the company of power parts of an apparatus of statistical whole world, show according to Yole data, 2017, ying Feiling closes with the battalion of 2.85 billion dollar, market share is as high as 18.5% . Close to look from battalion, ying Feiling be far ahead the Jilin China at home is small. It is global battalion to receive a rank the contest rice of the 10th accuses, also discharge in front of Jilin Hua Wei.



Company of parts of an apparatus of before the whole world 10 power


According to China Dong Hao of general manager of most conductor limited company was in a few days ago like that the view that international floated semiconductor industry invests a peak to be able to go up 2018, these difference basically reflect in a few respects:


The first, in our product on the product the product of low end in basically be being belonged to, our enterprise is had is medium the product of low end, product line is narrower also, also bring difficulty in the government that gives a client the supplier;


The 2nd, in the difference on engineering technology, power parts of an apparatus needs the close coupling in design and craft, only bilateral and sufficient communication and coupling ability development give distinctive product, this is the reason that power technology centers in hand of foreign IDM manufacturer almost. But the support that home lacks acting factory, appear very hard the mechanism of a such close coupling;


The 3rd, sale respect, foreign company basically is new product of development of definition of basis application demand, understand the client’s requirement very much, the client also can reflect understanding adequately to him. But domestic company is in Metoo and part the phase of compositive innovation, follow the function of foreign product, follow abroad to run, foreign make it is what kind of with respect to make it what kind of, it is a client rarely custom-built product;


The 4th, in talent respect, imitate circuit photograph needs the education of the talent of longer cycle to the product of digital circuit, imitate circuit is very much experience is very important, want the education of very long cycle relatively actually.


We go to “ cooperating with foreign communication, need offers an imitate IP to the family, we see the other side is 559 years old, grey-haired engineer and we communicate, and we here it is youth of 229 years old. Change an angle to look, this kind of engineer that is abroad can be free from anxiety seriously here all one’s life study this technique, this is to make good simulation circuit must a kind of spirit, we need more such person. Besides our basic research is insufficient, the knowledge such as the theory of a lot of core, model also studies insufficient ” , dong Hao complements like that say.


Such problem appears on product of other imitate chip likewise.


How can be homebred imitate chip just broken through?


In speak of homebred imitate chip how developing, dong Hao expresses like that, we should have a knowledge to homebred imitate chip current situation first. Look in him, the current situation of the imitate chip of our country is small, medicinal powder, low. Alleged small, it is us the company is very small; Come loose even if show the enterprise is more dispersive; Low the level of imitate chip technology that points to our country namely is lower, still put in low-level reduplicative phenomenon. And to promote the development of homebred imitate chip, understand current situation of present market of global imitate chip with respect to need:


On one hand, present imitate craft to 12 migratory, design cost promotion, company operation doorsill promotes, can change the current situation that three people can build company of an imitate chip now so, make resource more concentration, dedicated, develop more competitive product.


On the other hand, as terminal bulk contractible, shift turns the tide of development, imitate circuit also is not pure imitate circuit, become muti_function conformity slowly however, so the demand of the much technology of each respect also appeared. The design of imitate chip can become more and more complex; Plus, we should see, IDM is the best alternative that develops imitate circuit.


Be based on above understanding, dong Hao points out like that, domestic imitate chip should develop, must learn to existing mode of home, that must want to have a talent to gather, capital is abundant make the characteristic such as unifinication with the design. He points out, only the talent is core, had person ability to develop the technology that gives core and cornerstone, drive an industry to progress. He also emphasized the protection to intellectual property, a few people that prevent some company go out do poineering work, next the happening of the circumstance of business of original company of “ study ” .


Be changed as car electron and of industry of content couplet network become the mainstream gradually, include sensor, power source management, compositive MEMS and promote into the demand that waits for package like application, imitate market will welcome a great opportunity, hope homebred manufacturer can seize an opportunity, greet new breakthrough.



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