With connect collaboration high to love to establish a letter to dial the whole world first 5G phone

According to ZDNet report, through with connect collaboration high, the mobile equipment that loves to establish a letter to use external form of a smartphone dialed the whole world first 5G phone.

First 5G phone is to loving what Xisida’s lab hits to establish a letter to be located in Sweden, used spectrum of 39GHz millimeter wave and love to establish a letter to commercialize 5G NR Air 5331 base station, and one uses X50 5G of tall Tong Xiaolong modem and wireless child the test equipment of module.

5G phone

Say according to two companies, such experiment is “ those who accord with the infrastructure of 5G NR standard, smartphone and other and mobile equipment to appear on the market the sale levels road. Additional, the network that these inchoate experiments still will make global operation business and equipment manufacturer can use themselves, equipment undertakes experimental ” .

Love establishs a letter to carry out the gram in vice-president fred · outstanding De Lin (Fredrik Jejdling) also express, this experiment also is the test that operates a gender to each other of spectrum of new millimeter wave. Millimeter wave spectrum can offer more 5G deploy option to operation business, provide faster network to the user fast.

After love establishs a letter to released the commercial 5G software that supports a variety of core networks in Feburary, 3 all 5G the solution will be released formally at next year second half of the year.

Love establishs a letter to announced June will have test of 5G data news report with collaboration of Australia telecommunications, Intel.


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