What did these 17 days produce, does Rangmasike change tesla dream to break demesne?

On August 27 message, tesla president holds CEO dust grand concurrently · Ma Sike was being pushed on August 7 special dispatch says to announce to consider to change tesla demesne, caused all over the world discuss extensively, when in the masses public opinion and economic expert do not value this plan in succession, ma Sike acts wilfully however carry out change a plan demesne, say “ money already reached the designated position ” . And on August 25 in the morning, ma Sike issues announcement in tesla, announce to stop tesla to change a plan demesne, the company will manage the current situation, this also announces, dream of Ma Sike that turns tesla demesne defeats go to sticks and staves after 17 short days.


The reason that Ma Sike gives out in announcement has at 3 o’clock: It is tesla continues to be changed demesne can let come loose for the most part an investor lose hold a way; 2 it is course and size partner people contact, most person thinks tesla serves as appear on the market the company will be better; 3 it is to be changed demesne than anticipating more expend time and energy, tesla is current more should absolutely dedicated can realize gain at promoting the yield of Model 3, finish finally advance can last the mission of the sources of energy.

So, in these 17 days, in 3 announcement, what did tesla produce after all, cause share price to drop greatly, does the Masike that lets act wilfully change a plan finally?

Of arise suddenly influence a decision demesne

Everything only then push of Yumasike civil. On August 7 in the morning, ma Sike is being pushed go up especially hair push say ” the consideration changes tesla demesne with every 420 dollars ” , and ” capital has reached the designated position ” .

The message comes out, tesla stock rises for a time exceed 8% , share price breaks through 371 dollars, because go up too big, beautiful east time 14:0Stock of 0 or so tesla was traded nearly 90 minutes by time-out, the intermediary outside occupying reports, because tesla share price is suspected to be held,likelihood stopping a card is accuse.

After answer card, price of tesla stock closing quotation was 379.57 dollars that day, relatively before one trade the closing quotation price of day (341.99 dollars) rose 37.58 dollars, go up for 10.99% , the share price in controversy achieves nearly one year of closing quotation new tall.

Ma Sike soon oneself ” temporarily conceive a design ” push civil caused a mighty uproar, issueing a announcement the following day, explain he considers the matter that turns demesne further:

It is to regard as appear on the market company, tesla is all partner energy was dispersed by the acuteness wave motion of share price, and company even level of debt of every quarter exposure, personnel is adjusted, the information such as the multinomial suit that output of fulfil of tall canal firewood, car and delivery capacity, company faces, risk and competitor, these information use; for competitor place

The 2 attention that are pair of quarter earnings force a company to must be made for every quarter advantageous to level sex, but may necessary to develop for a long time and be not being had decision;

3 it is to serve as stock market history to go up to be done the stock with the most serious sky, appear on the market mean the motive that let a large number of adventurer have attack company.

Although Masike states tesla is changed demesne is not final decision, claim this is ” create first-rate environment to help the operation of tesla ” . But change progress of information more the true state of affairs to give off demesne as Masike, whether should change demesne about tesla, whether the controversy that changes successfully demesne emerges in endlessly, tesla share price begins to answer drop.

Inside 17 days case rise and fall volt

Come from inside and outside to reply the controversy of ceaseless grow in quantity, on August 14, ma Sike is released in government-owned net second announcement, answered a few necessary questions that he thinks.

Say according to Masike, nearly two years fund of money of sand spy dominion is organized (PIF) ever was changed for many times demesne with respect to the company contact with him, newest the conference is this fund bought tesla undertake after nearly 5% share.

” I and PIF talked on July 31 later, to with this fund trade will finish believe firmly not doubt, just boost an issue what remain ” , ma Sike says, “ this is me why to mention capital to already reached the designated position in stating on August 7. ”

Additional, ma Sike still is in August 14 push especially medium capital of lake weighing silver and tall Cheng Ye are changed demesne to tesla be interested.

Ma Sike all along with disposition ” anxious ” celebrated, as a result describes him so at the somebody on Twitter: ” Masike is the sort of person that just finished conjugate to be able to begin to prepare wedding on Tinder. ” just as one would expect, in this 17 days short in, ma Sike and tesla with respect to incur many troublesome issues.

After Si Kefa pushs the horse, be inspected by him the response of capital of silver-colored lake of strong proponent —— that changes demesne says, did not share relevant plan at present. Additional, tall Cheng Ye is not the formal adviser of tesla.

Of Ma Sike ” Funding Secured ” push civil the released inquiry that drew SEC the following day, SEC requirement tesla is offerred change relevant file to change the actual condition in order to understand demesne demesne. On August 15, SEC enhanced the investigation strength to tesla, delivered subpoena to the company.

Ma Sike’s anti people the problem that also begins real name to inform against tesla, for instance have things stolen of the blemish of quality of the existence in the factory, correlation that peddle poison, material, monitor is versed in, launch the action such as commercial spy conciously even.

For instance, claim the Twitter netizen @atomicthumbs that oneself ever had held the position of tesla IT infrastructure job, explode makings weigh Model S and how terrible of Model X hardware, car back end moves in ground floor of onefold data center only, be turned over by Hei Yiru palm.

Suffer a series of incident to affect, company data also produced change. On August 20, magendatong thinks Masike is finished without sufficient financing change a plan demesne, reduce tesla target share price to 195 dollars by 308 dollars then, fall 36.7% . Additional, the concrete estimate value of stock of tesla of Needham analyst warning just also approachs 200 dollars just.

Change Rangtesila to drop to the end of cereal again after passing brief surprise hour demesne.

” not poor money ” Masike and ” poor money ” tesla

Although supplier, investor and stockjobber express doubt to tesla financial standing, but Masike still responds to in the announcement August 25 say ” not poor money ” : ” although decide to stop,change demesne, but before the course paragraph the investigation of time and preparation, I still insist to think I have sufficient financing to let tesla be changed demesne. “

” not poor money ” whether to belong to solid we cannot are informed, so besides ” money ” , what does tesla declare change the argument that plans failure to still have demesne?

It is according to Masike in announcement place character, partner people it is to changing the dissatisfaction of plan demesne among them a reason.

The moderates in partner is like ARK Inverst orgnaization, just release open letter to object be being changed demesne on the network offer, the research data of orgnaization of home of bright out: In 5 years in, but can reach 700 dollars,every share price is worth tesla to the; of 4000 dollars violent group is like Kalman Isaacs individual criterion to lodge a complaint, accusation tesla and Masike try to operate artificially company share price. Ma Sike released on August 7 a series of pushing civil it is to want to realize this ” destroy nominal thoroughly ” plan.

Additional, although equestrian Si Kesheng says he has sufficient financing to let tesla be changed demesne, but the financial standing of tesla from the company in will for a long time look, not hopeful. A few evaluate the investor that buys a plan to say, change demesne can bring about tesla to be in probably next period of time is in it is difficult that the face encounters collect endowment and car producer.

With just was being broken away from recently ” crop is Tartarean ” Model 3 is exemple, although week of yield that produces 5000 came true successfully in 2 quarters end can target, help tesla walks out of the most difficult cereal bottom temporarily, but it is breathtaking ” burn money ” speed be obvious to all. Analyst ever estimation expresses, the free cash of tesla flowed in the past it is continuously in 6 quarters negative, minutely ” burn-up ” 7430 dollars.

The market analyses a personage to point out, a few months check tomorrow tesla is crucial. If the manufacturing expression of tesla still is exceeded,anticipate, gain investor confidence, its cash flows a problem to be able to get alleviating. But if tesla chooses finally to be changed demesne, the origin of capital will become the one big worry of tesla probably.

Finally, if Masike continues to act wilfully, be afraid oneself one cannot say for sure. All the time since, tesla core tall canal leaves often, the stability problem that manages a staff also will become future to develop great hidden danger.

In the nowadays that suffers from inside the care outside tesla, masikeru acts wilfully again if really carry out him so called change a plan demesne, what can lose partner, investor not only is trustful, to tesla company, from company finance affairs, the product is produced can in light of angle, also be very not actual. This the ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of “ iron and steel of tesla also must lower his head to reality.

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