To break the United States company of block France missile supports next buying in the department of defense chip designs a company

In was blocked by the United States after the neck, the ” of “ France core that the French decides to break American block to build his. Occupy website of news of American matters pertaining to defense to reported on August 24, because use American chip,Egypt sells cruise missile and by punish of United States Congress, recently ” of company of missile of French “ Europe (MBDA) with manufacturer of French tiny chip (Soitec) express, the company of conformity of design firm cowfish that they are buying chip of a low power comsumption jointly (Dolphin Integration) in order to make France own chip.

Dolphin is compositive the company is Europe dedicated the chip company at low consumption chip, year sale is controlled in 17 million euro, employ 155 employee, among them 130 it is design engineer. This company headquarters is set in case to strap Noble. Because face the forestall of American chip,do not pass, this company already went broke July.

According to the report, european missile company and French Soitec will undertake buying dolphin company through forming joint-stock company. It is reported, european missile company will be noted for dolphin conformity company endowment 6.6 million euro (add up to 52 million RMB about) use at infuse cash, and repay indebted. European missile company shows, begin from 2004, european missile company is the strategic client that compositive company matters pertaining to defense uses dolphin level. This company complement says, buy this will strengthen its industry cooperation, offer long-term commercial channels for specific application integrated circuit and chip product.

French soldiers are not willing to give American the heart, and chip maker of Europe people also not be willing easily character is defeated. This technical research uses Soitec the silicon on total depletion dielectric (the chip manufacturer of FD-SOI) technology also participated in this to buy, the analysis thinks, chip manufacturer of Europe people unwilling at be in submissively of all market share lets upriver market general person, soiltec will increase him to be in through buying the way with compositive cowfish the competition ability of upriver market. So Soiltec and company of French Europe missile cooperate chip of research and development, also become ” of “ success will come when conditions are ripe.


Buy this before be being considered as to mix paragraph time United States prevents France to sell to Egypt cruise missile is concerned, because the shadow ” cruise missile of the “ windstorm on flatus battleplan used the chip of American before this, weapon of international of United States of “ of according to of United States Congress carries byelaw ” (ITAR of the following abbreviation) the regulation that go up, prevented this weapon outcome of France. According to press of matters pertaining to defense, french department of defense does not wish to divulge the message personage of the full name says, during dragon of French president mark had state visit to Washington in April this year, try to persuade American president Donald · Telangpu provides a license for cruise missile component. Look at present nevertheless, the United States is not willing to supply cruise missile chip for their ally.

Was gone to this by stimulation of ” of neck of chip “ card French, france begins to review degree of autonomy of his matters pertaining to defense subsequently. On July 4, french defense minister · handkerchief benefit is in Fuluolangsi to report to national assembly national defence and armament committee time shows, france is not willing to comply with of American order about, want to strengthen the independence on the weapon. Parley lets in answer congressman – · cost pulls Jacques pull (such say when Jean-Jacques Ferrara) :

In the case that Feilaladi gives, we must face up to the punish …… that we cannot break ITAR reality: Our weapon is getting of American order about …… France lack becomes independent completely to depended on American weapon to had lasted at method …… Europe of the United States 70 old, it seems that this kind of circumstance still can last for some time. We know, the thing will not get ameliorative tomorrow. Should we change the current situation? The answer is affirmative.

She expresses at the same time, french authorities is seeking the way that raises its autonomy. She says:

What is “ solution self-evident. We have the manufacturer of the missile to us only, namely MBDA, investment has on research and technology, so that can make a similar component, avert the sanction of ITAR thereby.

French Ministry of finance needs to adopt a kind more means —— of the system includes to have a conversation with industrial group, economy and Ministry of finance, “ analyses the ” France dependence to the United States.

News analyst of observer net military affairs expresses, the problem that resurgence encounters, the French also was encountered on cruise missile, can say, american has some forestall places on chip, influential to the safety of matters pertaining to defense of the whole world.


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