The president before Intel does poineering work again: Produce data center chip with ARM structural frame

According to foreign media coverage, · of Lei Ni of the president before Intel Zhanmusi (the Zhou Er of Ampere Computing of newly established company that Renee James) leads expresses, this company was rolled out its first data center chip, used ARM structural frame.

This company shows, these price come in 550 dollars the new chip between 850 dollars, had been associated group and other the company place of a few production servers is chosen.

Intel holds dominant position in server chip market, controlling the market share of 90% above. Nevertheless, AMD will promote his market one year portion in future. Because Intel is newest,this backside is generation chip makes a technology jump ticket, relevant server chip appears on the market unlikelily before 2020.

Nevertheless, ampere Computing took a kind of route that is different from Intel and AMD. Intel and AMD use X86 structural frame, and what Ampere Computing uses is ARM structural frame, its run place to require electric energy fewer, production cost is lower also.

But ARM technology still cannot match with the computational ability photograph of Intel. The competitor such as Ampere Computing and company of Gao Tonghe Cavium is devoting oneself to to change this one current situation, draw data center client with be being sucked from Intel. Alphabet banner leaves the company of main science and technology such as cereal song company and Facebook, the whole world that is Intel server chip is the greatest buy the home.

Zhanmusi ever worked 28 years in Intel, and spread out clasp with these clients of the company. Ampere Computing expresses, its chip (16 nucleuses and 32 nucleuses, rate is top 3.3G version) aim to compete with chip of intermediate and traditional server. But Zhanmusi expresses, this company special attention ensures chip can run the client’s software well.

Differ with Intel, ampere Computing does not produce his chip, its production is versed in by chip generation manufacturer stage accumulates electric generation to be versed in, this is similar to apple and connect high. But this is meant, the 7 pay the metric system that Ampere Computing will use a stage to accumulate report on next generation chip that rolled out 2019 builds a technology to produce.



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