The pain spot of research and development of chip of analytic 5G times

Nowadays, 5G and data center market are very fervent, numerous enterprise is entered in succession bureau, have position in the light of 5G and roll out new product. MACOM also follow closely tendency of the market, quicken the technology such as plan of layout chip test, relevant form a complete set. And bare gain of this second Shenzhen CIOE is met on, the senior inspector general of ministry of MACOM light-wave career reachs Asian chief scientist Dr. Mo Jinyu, the advantage that introduced MACOM for network of OFweek glossy news report, layout and the pain spot that the industry grows.

The pain spot of research and development of chip of analytic 5G times

The senior inspector general of ministry of MACOM light-wave career reachs Asian chief scientist Dr. Mo Jinyu

Exhibit in the CIOE this year on the meeting, MACOM rolls out the PAM4 that fire compares inside course of study to test a technology, demonstrated plan of all sorts of chip form a complete set of 200G PAM4 in the spot. Incorporate compositive silicon smooth chip, still Driver+CDR waits. Besides 200G PAM4 plan, the PAM4 plan that MACOM still has 50G, 100G, 400G and remote transmit the plan in 56 low-pressure hertz.

The transmission system of 100G above follows in 100G, MACOM advocate the plan with the compositive light that push silicon. Mo Bo person introduces: Case of set prescription of “ silicon glossy collection has 4 the road is compositive, present 100G, include to will come 400G, use the word of the plan with silicon compositive light, in enclose each respect such as cost, test cost and investment of instrument product line metropolis comparing becomes independent now yuan of parts of an apparatus is compositive have an advantage more, and still have depreciate follow-uply space. ” Mo Bo person express, the hope passes the improvement on the technology, go promoting silicon light the maturity of compositive plan from the angle of chip, let it there is larger dominant position on technology and price competition.

The pain spot of research and development of chip of analytic 5G times

CIOE bare gain is met MACOM exhibits a stage

And the product line as a result of MACOM is more complete, low speed, high speed, freeboard fast chip everything needed is ready, because this covers a range wide, measurement company can become the client of MACOM. Mo Bo person expresses, the share that MACOM does not hope some home client is occupied is particularly special big, such meetings bring higher risk, because this MACOM is developed in the market,go up hair force is relatively even. In addition, mo Bo person still introduced current MACOM to deliver goods the amount is larger is 10G PON, 25G PON accept network product.

Regard a high-tech as the company, MACOM makes his chip can be in lead position inside course of study hard all the time, because this values investment of research and development very. Show according to publishing data, MACOM in recent years investment of research and development is occupied than be in all the time 20% above, achieved first half of the year this year 29.59% . Be aimed at the construction of group of research and development, mo Bo person says: “MACOM has group of a lot of research and development, group of every research and development is only dedicated at making his most powerful chip. Say for example, the chip that the Driver chip of MACOM follows DSP is groups of two completely different research and development are being done, each group is in them most go pursueing perfection inside adept domain. MACOM so do, hope to the banner level inside course of study can be reached on the function of the technology in the group, product namely. ”

The pain spot of research and development of chip of analytic 5G times

Use the smooth module of MACOM chip and plan production

Speak of the difficult problem that encounters in process of research and development, mo Bo person thinks, the difficult point with chip the biggest research and development depends on capital supporting. In the process of research and development of new fund chip, succeed impossibly that one edition is done, every time needs a longer cycle in the modification on chip, and shed an expenditure to be in probably every time millions of dollars, the price is very high. Mo Bo person expresses: “ is in process of chip research and development, the most important is the mutual collaboration between the group on one hand, decrease shed a number, shorten research and development is periodic, need many capital to throw namely on the other hand, if do not have ceaseless capital investment, chip research and development is afterwards hard. ”

Current, the chip with major MACOM has around computation of center of 5G, data, cloud, big data, can satisfy the requirement of the market and client basically. Current user hopes bandwidth is taller and taller, cost is lower and lower, power comsumption is smaller and smaller, be opposite especially for data center, power comsumption is a problem that is worth a care very much. Mo Bo person says: “ compares the heat of these a few industries of attention in the light of everybody, MACOM can have corresponding position. In future, be aimed at among them some is specific domain, appropriative of MACOM meeting research and development a chip, but this chip uses other field may not be first-rate, to moment everybody can apply setting to choose the most appropriate chip according to what differ. ”

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