The car appears with semiconductor and buy tide, each big tycoon race to control is optimal the position

As drive automatically, the development of couplet of network of electrification, intelligence, the electronic technology of automobile industry is ceaseless alternate. “ may deserve to have the semiconductor product of 1000 dollars in the electric motor-car in the future. A peak in favour wisdom riverside meets Steve Owen of executive vice-president of sale of whole world of semiconductor of riverside of ” favour wisdom and sale on say.


And the semiconductor value that every car place contained 2017 is 380 dollars, this means future to still have 2-3 the value space of times. Although car semiconductor is occupied in chip industry,compare about 10 % , but growth is rapid, accordinglyThe car uses semiconductorManufacturer people also develop amlposition competition.



Among them, favour wisdom riverside (NXP) the strong point depends on car semiconductor domain, especially car semiconductor expresses the respect such as small controller of feeling chip, car mediumly. Favour wisdom riverside uses share of the market in semiconductor domain to achieve in the car at present 14% , rank global first place. The market head position that the enterprise such as the meaning law semiconductor with electron of Sa of luck of the Ying Feiling that comes from Germany, Japan, Switzerland contends for a car to use semiconductor. The pattern that semiconductor market is divided up by Euramerican day Han carries semiconductor domain to also see one spot in the car.


Driving automatically domain, besides afore-mentioned traditional car semiconductor manufacturers, the company such as Ying Weida, Intel also joined battlefield, centrally processor, pass the fractionize of feeling layout shifts to an earlier date on the domain. Look in the personage inside many course of study, 2020 can be those who approach L3 level is advanced and auxiliary drive the opportune moment that car volume produces, at the appointed time around move the market competition of L3 and above model will be more intense.


Buy with dilate


Compare with other industry posture, buy a case to be in semiconductor domain is common occurrence. Main reason depends on doorsill of semiconductor domain technology extremely tall, patent way to do sth is extremely deep, the market share that causes company of even if part so is not high, but the market that other semiconductor tycoon wants to enter opposite party, because the fractionize rate of particular market is too high,also meet, cannot bear the cost of own research and development and time, must use bought means.


Additional, semiconductor domain on one hand profit margin is high, but at the same time companion is thrown as research and development of a huge sum, especially these of year of semiconductor compositive change degree to rise considerably, what commerce applies setting is complex degree of ceaseless also aggravate, bring about the early days with older need to throw ability to get used to market demand.


Semiconductor field is being used in the car also is such. 2015, favour wisdom riverside flies with making an appointment with the price of 11.8 billion dollar to buy after thinking of Carl, just make a trade the first; 2016, ying Feiling buys power of the Wolfspeed below Cree banner and department of radio frequency business with 850 million dollar, strengthened in dynamoelectric traffic, but the position on the market such as second birth the sources of energy and infrastructure of new generation beehive; 2017, lucky Sa bought American company Intersil with 3.2 billion dollar, strengthen with this have the chip business that adjusts electric power function, layout drives automatically chip market.


But the portion of before at present the car uses semiconductor 3 players differs not quite, did not appear oligarch phenomenon. Since 2018, manufacturer people bought intention did not decrease, but trade to become not affirmatory however into power.


What be troubled by bubbling with noisely this year is tall buy record of favour wisdom riverside, let favour wisdom riverside enter the field of vision of Chinese public opinion. Riverside of flying benefit of tycoon of science and technology of Yu Helan of be born out of of favour wisdom riverside, it is the semiconductor tycoon of before the whole world 15 at present, market prise amounts to 32 billion dollar. Connect the one big reason that takes a fancy to favour wisdom riverside high to depend on favour wisdom riverside carrying semiconductor to drive automatically in last few years especially in the car at the outset the technical achievement of the domain. Far more than shift carries the ambition that connects high after all, still hope to enter car field, driving automatically especially domain and antagonism of Ying Weida front. After all 5G and times of content couplet net, car semiconductor will be new La Hai.


Nevertheless, be bought this and abortive. Senior vice president holds semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside concurrently Lars Reger of officer of technology of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of car electron career tells 21 centuries economy reports a reporter: “ future still can have a few 9 years continuously and buy an item, but it is scope is less that I feel to meet buy. To large buy, external the environment is not a company can pilot, and buy trade process special burn money. Favour wisdom riverside is in a few annual meeting will be in henceforth and buy on have a rest and reorganization, dedicated internal affairs. ”


See adversary Ying Feiling again, this year in August, report of Peng rich company says, ying Feiling had begun to try to buy meaning law semiconductor 2017, had a talk. If buy a success, so Ying Feiling will be jumped house become industry first place. Lucky Sa released announcement to say recently, intent buys IDT of American chip business, the core product because of IDT and lucky Sa [include small controller (MCU) and piece on system (SoC) ] mutual complement, the outside beforehand appraise should buy the forehead to will amount to 6 billion dollar.


From current in light of each characteristic after dilate, the product line of favour wisdom riverside is the most complete, from car imitate / market of small controller of RF/DSP, car, business uses car MEMS sensor, carry safety of information recreation, automobile to the car that uses a field entrance guard, automobile body and car carry system of transmission of network, safe, motivation to wait, all have product combination.


In the meantime, favour wisdom riverside is facing a competitor in each fractionize domain. Yao Jia of analyst of academy of industry of uncut jade of market country develop silvers coin to report to 21 centuries economy the reporter analyses: For instance the competitor of favour wisdom riverside includes “ TI (heart state apparatus) , lucky Sa, they had entered radar market, prospective car uses the radar in the market is very important sensor; Again for instance 802.11p (the car uses technology of wireless communication standard) part, connect high actually, ST (meaning law semiconductor) also have a solution; The part of blue tooth, enter a doorsill lower, and the semiconductor supplier that throws this share will be more. ”


Race to control drives automatically circuit


In outspread domain while, these traditional cars also are quickening the solution that research and development drives automatically with semiconductor manufacturer. In the meantime, they still are faced with the Ying Weida with roaring the force with which sth breaks out, Intel to wait for the competition of chip big plant.


Specific in light of, of Ying Feiling drive automatically business basically included radar, microprocessor, data to transmit and the part such as power source management, expressing sense respect centrally namely. The STM series microprocessor of meaning law semiconductor, logistic IC, and unit of information recreation processing is very famous, driving automatically respect, the ADAS(of production of Mobileye joint research and development that meaning law semiconductor has bought with Intel is advanced drive support system) chip, one large dominant position is handling ability at the vision.


Do at the beginning with Ying Weida lofty those who go up is automatic drive chip is different, favour wisdom riverside rolls out the whole world first can expand completely computational framework S32, basically face OEM and Tier 1 supplier. S32 basically is to be aimed at car controller system at present, low on this platform end chip goes executing the operation that so low intelligence turns automatic turn off a machine, high-end chip can analyse the extensive data that comes from sensor to undertake decision-making.


Ying Weida took a different route. Pegasus is aimed at new platform of Ying Weida to drive automatically namely car. Can say favour wisdom riverside, Ying Feiling to wait those who do is hands or feet and touch, what Ying Weida does is vision and cerebra. Ying Weida is driving automatically the technical strong point that the domain basically developed times of him computer GPU, namely powerful picture handles ability, will handle L3 level above to drive automatically the image processing of a need calculates force.


Yao Jia ocean tells a reporter: “ Yingwei amounts to the intelligent car that basically is aimed at L3 to be fastened to L5 class, but the car of L3 level just is measured likely to 2020 produce, very little now, so Ying Weida is to shift to an earlier date layout gets stuck. But L1, L2, L2 Plus, till the intelligent car of L3 level, it is the domain that at present traditional car centers with semiconductor manufacturer, this ministry weight is the greatest, so favour wisdom riverside and Ying Weida are lain between in section of the market on can have different. ”


In the meantime, he also points out, of favour wisdom riverside drive automatically the course also had planned L5. And Ying Weida does car center to control a share only, but radar, photograph the part that resembles a head to doing not have Chinese ink, in this respect, the position that traditional car uses semiconductor firm is more perfect.


Look in favour wisdom riverside, want to come true to drive automatically, rely on a powerful CPU to prop up only not enough, still need to use margin calculation to cooperate ” of car “ cerebra to run.


Lars Reger talks: “ future builds car and Human Biology principle to be interlinked, there are a lot of sensors on the car for instance, roadblock should appear in travel process, radar can have a report, let urgent brake system come next apply the brake. This process is similar to the conditional reflex of human body, need not when cerebrum tells you to jockey, the information before radar can be depended on will make judgement. After waiting for a car to stop, cerebrum lead plane undertakes judging again. ”


For instance we and Baidu Apollo have “ to cooperate similarly. The most important is, this is to build drive automatically a kind of means of car cost lowest, otherwise a powerful CPU can be brought about is a broadband everywhere, and use SOD correspond, can occupy very large space, our method is to retain truly extra space will accept additional information. ”Lars Reger is elaborated further.


And to driving automatically business is challenged with what be faced with, lars Reger thinks to basically have tripartite side, it is to pass feeling difficult problem firstly, this also is the portion that favour wisdom riverside is settling; It is very difficult dug secondly AI study system is in particular situation, how to make response. For example dogs very hard identifying study system why to judge this is a doggie, another is flowers and plants, because this a lot of manufacturers are considering to learning a system to go up,add a system that monitor; It is the problem of security of artificial intelligence system thirdly, can be protected namely on how old degree, below the circumstance that inbreaks in the hacker, the system can be what kind of reaction.


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