The 5G that send force makes progress, mobile phone manufacturer is about to do ” number one player “

Now, be in the at the last gasp before 5G business is used, industrial group is quickening pace, drive 5G to mature as soon as possible.

Love stood recently letter and connect collaboration high, in 39GHz frequency paragraph complete the 5G data call that accords with 3GPP standard, business of technology of further proof 5G is used already be all set. Almost meanwhile, china to be in Beijing conciliatory and successful get through the) of business of First Call(data that is based on 3GPP R15 standard. Without doubt, these incident boost the import with be had very important in the process in 5G.

And in another end, mobile phone manufacturer also ” of “ unwilling loneliness, a few manufacturers such as OPPO, Vivo, millet are the closest “ happens to coincide ” showed the newest progress on 5G mobile phone, say hopeful takes the lead in rolling out business to use 5G mobile phone.

5G call still is in lab phase

Industrial catenary is advancing 5G to move toward maturity ceaselessly.

Last year December, be not standard of 5G of independent group net to freeze. After two months, namely this year in Feburary, china accord with standard of net of blame independence group and Sub6 GHz frequency to be used with Wo Dafeng paragraph completed the whole world first 5G communicate. “ at the beginning of this year Feburary, nuojiya, Gaotong and Verizon also are hit in Xin Zexi lab through, KT and Verizon still are in Korea head Er and United States bright Niabolisi get through video phone. ”Verizon academician Dr. Ou Yangye says.

The call of data of be issued to lower levels that loves this to establish a letter to finish is v/arc be on the throne at Sweden Xisida’s lab is hit, used 39GHz millimeter wave and 5G NR Air 5331 base station and one uses X50 5G of tall Tong Xiaolong modem and wireless child the test equipment of module. Love stands to believe and be connected high think, this collaboration can be the infrastructure that accords with 5G NR standard, smartphone and other and mobile equipment appear on the market the sale levels road. China the business of First Call(data that is get through) mean debut formally China to be in China 5G technology research and development experiments in lower end of framework of net of SA independent group arrives the business that carry 5G uses system testing site.

Chip business, equipment business is used in the business that it is 5G against time, mobile phone manufacturer also is sent in prow of loot 5G hand.

The 5G that send force makes progress, mobile phone manufacturer is about to do " number one player "

Recently, OPPO, Vivo and millet announced the new progress of oneself 5G mobile phone in succession. It is OPPO announces first, be based on but business finished 5G letter to make mix with the mobile phone the join of data link, back-to-back Vivo announces already preliminary finish face commercial 5G development of smartphone soft hardware, 5G will be rolled out 2019 beforehand business uses a mobile phone. Later, millet mobile phone also announces letter of get through 5G makes mix the join of data link, anticipate next year rolls out 5G mobile phone formally.

The letter makes and the get through of data link is the foundation that safeguard 5G mobile phone realizes reliable communication function, also be maturity of 5G smartphone trend is important one pace. “ understands simply, letter of get through 5G makes and data link is equipment business, operation business has done network and interface, function inviting a hand is received quite go in. 5G network is immature still, push 5G mobile phone to be able to move in only now be down compatible 4G mode to fall, in 5G pilot area experiences the rate of 5G. Suzhou of ” chip industry strides Li Yangyuan of author of lucky small company to tell " IT times " , most actual strength head is sent and measuring those who produce 5G mobile phone should be China for, china the 5G base band to have oneself and network solution. China ever also expressed clearly for spell CEO Xu Zhijun, the smartphone that supports 5G at be being rolled out before June 2019.

Of the chip of backside contend for

5G hand function denies a hair, the adult rate that wants chip seeing 5G rear and quantity produce a situation.

This year in August, gao Tongxuan cloth will roll out the systematic level chip that uses technology of Cheng of 7 pay the metric system (the admiral shift platform of SoC) , can match with modem of brave dragon X50 5G, be being connected high is the floating platform that becomes function of first support 5G to its expectation. “ knows amount of chip of the first batch of 5G high finite, if mobile phone manufacturer can accomplish a hair to cannot accomplish a quantity to produce only, consumer can look only cannot buy, what meaning to still have? ” corresponds trade public figure thinks.

Market of 5G base band also is in produce great change, besides connect high, China to still have Intel.

Last year in September, intel released the 3rd generation platform of experiment of Intel 5G shift, can help operation business and equipment business undertake to 5G network and equipment rapid outfield test and each other do sexual test, last year the fourth quarter already was thrown and the partner’s combination checks “ in the center. The personage tells related ” Intel " IT times " reporter. Last year in November, intel rolled out supportive 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine again (the much model business of 5G NR) uses a modem series of XMM 8000 of familial —— Intel, these will be used at business to use terminal unit in 2019. “ checks with the cooperative research and development of terminal manufacturer at present go well, but inconvenience leaks specific client information. Afore-mentioned ” personages say.

4G times lacks the Intel of enough boldness, nowadays is the participator with 5G active domain, if Intel can measure chip yield 5G more quickly, manufacturer of domestic mobile phone also converts the bosom of Intel likely.

Base Gao Yi of station density big cost is a challenge

5G whether get business is used, besides terminal side, it is mature to see network side even.

The frequency that “5G uses the tall, density that build a station is big, 5G of prospective our country should come true good enclothe about location of station of need radical station 5 million, already had now put location of station of quantity radical station 2 million, still need to be added newly base station station location 3 million, involve 300 billion yuan investment. Article of fast pace of vise general manager of ” China iron tower expressed a few days ago, 5G is facing not small challenge, be like base station optional location difficult, investment big, time limit for a project is long and the influence that brings to landscape of urban the appearance of a city. We also took out “ solution, it is to use the establishment such as floodlight lever of the city to undertake 5G radical station is built, predicting future dimensions is made an appointment with 10 million to 12 million; 2 it is control is built base the dimensions of the station, reduce the deploy difficulty of 5G greatly. ”Gao Buwen says. Now 3 operation business already ground of like a raging fire develops 5G dimensions test, enlarge limits of 5G pilot city.

Use schedule according to the 5G business of 3 operation business, 5G can come true 2019 beforehand business is used, business of formal 2020 dimensions is used. Current, experiment of 5G technology research and development had entered the 3rd phase, this also is the key before 5G realizes business to use one pace, plan to be finished inside year.

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