TCL hand in hand new dash forward those who think of an electron to roll out technology of embarking AudioSmart speech is brand-new series TV

New dash forward think of electronic science and technology to announced a few days ago, the TV of Alexa speech assistant that TCL group produces has used speech of far field of the AudioSmart® below the banner (FFV) technology. Processor of signal of number of embarking AudioSmart FFV (the TCL of DSP) is brand-new series TV can bring high grade user experience for consumer, can pass Yamaxun control of speech of implementation of Alexa speech assistant. The TCL of embarking Alexa and AudioSmart technology is brand-new TV already consumed an electron to exhibit at the international of Berlin of 2018 IFA Germany that holds at present on appear.

Huang Dinghai of inspector general of department of project of TCL group product expresses: “ carries Yamaxun of Alexa and Synaptics AudioSmart technology brand-new TCL TV devotes oneself to to promote consumer the experience to our product through innovating. Embed function of far field speech recognition our TV product, will offer for consumer more natural, more relaxed view an experience. ”

New dash forward think of vice president of company of electronic science and technology to hold speech and Saleel Awsare of general manager of image career department concurrently to point out: “ arrives through using AudioSmart technology its brand-new TV range of products, TCL group proves its are in those who consume electronic product domain to get again army person part. AudioSmart has unapproachable speech to control accuracy and outstanding function, in intelligence household etc domain enjoys extensive applicability. ”

Function of AudioSmart FFV core:

· uninterrupted speech recognition: By right of full duplex operation acoustics echo is eliminated (AEC) technology, when although be in,broadcasting film condition with large volume, DSP speech also can detect wake up a word

Collect of source of · intelligence sound: Detect the sound of the user, right all round equipment all direction (complete to) noise undertakes elimination, although noise source and way of user voice source are same

Function of · energy-saving speech: The TCL TV that carries Synaptics DSP of low power comsumption can be satisfied bide one’s time the demand of all specific power consumption below mode, still allow an user to use nature to speech is started or shut TV at any time at the same time

AudioSmart technology departs noise of speech signal and background, handle human speech only, offer outstanding identifying thereby accuracy. AudioSmart is of all kinds and main automatic speech recognition (ASR) service provides outstanding and superior terminal user experience. Its are uninterrupted speech recognition technology carries full duplex operation acoustics echo eliminates functional implementation, this function can detect the “ of equipment wakes up word ” , although be put in TV or music to broadcast,wait for other sound, also can identify user request.

2018International of IFA Germany Berlin consumes an electron to exhibit

TCL is consuming an electron to exhibit at the IFA international that holds in German Berlin at present on those who show embarking AudioSmart and Alexa skill is brand-new series TV. The welcome is arrived at be located in the TCL that 21 exhibition halls exhibit a stage 102 numbers to exhibit.

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