Take you to understand NB-IoT to reach a dominant position in the application of the industry that copy a watch

As social development and transition of structure of our country the sources of energy, amiable watch had walked into water meter innumberable families, but the hydrosphere watch of traditional mechanical should rely on to come to undertake copying expressing artificially, hard to avoid can be put in efficiency low, labour cost data of tall, record makes mistake easily, safeguard administrative difficulty, capture to expend the malpractice such as inconvenience.

Copy a watch

Accordingly GPRS copies a watch remotely emerge as the times require, it was solved copy a watch artificially a series of problems, efficiency is taller, safer, user pay cost is more convenient. But, GPRS watch also produced a few problems, size of user of communication radical station is smaller, power comsumption is tall, signal is wrong. And general hydrosphere watch asks is batteries power supply, because this is expressed this pair kind power comsumption raised very tall requirement, the biggest electric current can achieve the instantaneous that general 2G corresponds 2A, the type selecting of function of this pair of batteries and cost control increased very great difficulty.

Copy a watch

NB-IoTVery good settlement the difficult problem that GPRS copies watch program institute to be faced with. NB-IoT copied a watch to accede on the function GPRS while, had 50-100 compared with 2G/3G/4G of times go up capacity promotion, this also is meant, in same base the station enclothes limits to fall, NB-IoT can offer 50-100 than existing and wireless technology of times receive number. This more concentrated to installing a watch to measure village is a better choice undoubtedly.


The intelligence that is based on NB-IoT copies watch system to basically be expressed by the hydrosphere that contains NB-IoT module, base platform of net of core of station, NB-IoT, NB-IoT management, client carries network management system, collect to copy administrative system to wait form. Information and oneself state information upload the hydrosphere dosage that hydrosphere watch will collect to be mixed to NB-IoT core net platform of cloud of content couplet net, also can receive the control information that comes from cloud platform at the same time. The client carries network management system to manage cloud platform to get from NB-IoT copy received resident to use water / gas information, monitoring uses a case of each dweller in real time, hydrosphere company passes the data that monitors, can be opposite of the user undertake with water, gas real time a flight of stairs moves value control, push those who send every the month to use to the dweller measure and smash the case such as cost.


Copy a watch

1, power comsumption


In business side, newspaper data is most on hydrosphere watch one sky signs up for, some even a month appears in the newspaper, because the working mode of this NB-IoT fits pattern of this kind of business very much. Current hydrosphere expresses more commonly used computation means to dry spring is in charge of pulse computation and photoelectricity to read computation continuously, NB-IoT more apply to photoelectricity to read computation continuously. Group of model of series of the ZM7100 in using photoelectricity to read the list burning gas of computation means continuously issues power comsumption to be able to amount to 2uA in PSM mode, the batteries of 2400mAh enclothes nicer area to fall in signal, add boat time can amount to 25 years, in signal intensity weak condition falls, the greatest emissive power is sent 4 times again, batteries but add boat achieves 15 years. The life that normally hydrosphere expresses wants to achieve 10 years or so, the power comsumption that because group of model of this ZM7100 series can satisfy current hydrosphere adequately,expresses asks.


2, safe


Additional, watch domain is copied in intelligence, the security of data also is each a bit what company burning gas pays attention to very much, be not accredit frequency than be in at the job paragraph wireless intelligence watch, sent module of far electron NB-IoT to adopt safe plan of first TEE inside course of study, be kept apart according to having security in the logarithm in TEE and add close, exterior also cannot steal access to occupy from inside FASH.


Copy a watch

3, the cloud

ZG sends far electron ZM7100 Telecommunication of NB-IoT module support, mobile frequency paragraph, supportive CoAP realizes a butt joint with cloud platform quickly, the cloud platform that supports at present has OneNET, ECoud, Aiyun, ZWS IoT to wait, reduced a client to follow the butt joint difficulty of cloud platform greatly. And module support FOTA differs cent remotely to upgrade, need to upload data bulk only very small upgrade the file needing branch of the bag, can finish upgrade.


Send far electron to be gotten as industry of content couplet network army enterprise, compose builds industry level of wireless interconnection system solution expert, carry partner of strategy of domain of handicraft industry Internet, roll out module of communication of ZM7100 NB-IoT standard jointly, industry of network of couplet of content of the collective China that help strength grows.

Copy a watch


Product characteristic reachs resource:

  •  Working voltage: 2.5~5 V

  •  PSM mode issues electric current: 2uA@3.3V

  •  Emissive power: 23 DBm±2dB

  •  Sensitivity: – 116dBm±1dB@180K(blame passes) again; – 135 DBm±1dB@180K(is passed again)

  •  String together a mouth: UART1, UART2

  •  Support 1 1 ADC, DAC

  •  Support 1 IIC

  •  Support 1 batteries to insert unplug detect

  •  Support 6 GPIO

  •  Support 3 comparator


The assessment that sends far electron to be able to offer module of ZM7100 series NB-IoT is covered, use evaluate set can realize module couplet net, configuration, debug. Help user is frequent begin, build NB-IoT network.


Copy a watch



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