Taiwan chip engineer finds new job mainland reason exposure: The mainland dares to burn money

Salary promotes considerably, come home freely 8 times one year, still have the boarding house with a very high subsidy. To engineer of chip of a Taiwan, this is the working opportunity in a dream that cannot refuse.

Serve as to ever was in the Taiwan such as couplet China electron top class chipManufacturerSenior staff of the job, this engineer accepted the job of the chip manufacturer that one homemaking government office supports chinese mainland last year, round processing factory of a brilliant is in charge of Hua Dong area now a small group.
This engineer joined more and more Taiwan the cavalcade of senior and professional personage, the semiconductor industry that they develop flourishingly in chinese mainland works.
This does not wish the engineer of sign one’s name expresses, his mainland employer offerred a new three-room flat boarding house to him, have the discount of 40% , the condition is he worked 5 years in the company above, in addition still raised the wage of 50% . He rejects to disclose exact number.
He expresses: “ mainland dares to burn money, and the natural resources of Taiwan company is limited. ”
Draw high-tech talented person from Taiwan, already became the mainland to develop chip industry actively, in order to reduce the one share of the effort that to sea grandfather department depends on.
The personage inside personnel of invite applications for a job and course of study says, this one effort that began 2014, as condition of Sino-US trade tension upgrade and aggravate, those who expose a China to make chip to the foreign country is excessive depend on.
2017, china imported value the semiconductor of 260 billion dollar, exceeded crude oil import. According to the data of association of Chinese semiconductor industry, the scale that homebred last year chip takes domestic demand still is less than 20% .
This year up to now, the senior engineer that already had many 300 Taiwan finds new job the chip company that reachs the mainland. According to orgnaization of Taiwan hunt head wisdom manage manages estimation of advisory limited company, since the industry of national integrated circuit that from 2014 Beijing creates dimensions to amount to 22 billion dollar invests fund, already about 1300 Taiwan engineers find new job to continent industry.
This year in August, two state-owned orgnaizations of Chinese express, up to by 2017, industry of Chinese integrated circuit has 400 thousand professional public figures about working, 720 thousand staff that need under the estimation before 2020 far.
Personnel of invite applications for a job expresses, although chinese mainland also is attracting the engineer of Korea and Japan to solve talent shortage problem, but because have common language and culture, continent industry has appeal more to Taiwan engineer apparently.
The manager Lin Yuxun that wisdom manage runs advisory limited company (transliteration) express, the engineers of Taiwan by in the high pay that the manufacturer of chinese mainland chip such as core international provides, allowance and place of more advanced and other position are attracted, a lot of people say “ among them: The money that I make 3 years in chinese mainland is equivalent to ‘ I work 10 years in Taiwan. I can retire earlier. ”
The assistant president of the science and technology of couplet of firm of compositive chip design that chant holds Taiwan concurrently president Steve – Wang Biao is shown, two years this company had one fraction employee to find new job in the past to the mainland, the pay that admits Taiwan firm is rivalled very hard with mainland competitor photograph.

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