Spaceflight family work detects homebred smartphone north fights fixed position function: Drive north to fight can accuse independently

A few days ago, north is fought detect allied organization detects 8 times unit, in the light of instantly brand of homebred mainstream mobile phone had sampling observation. Insurgent journalist is versed in from spaceflight division 203 understanding arrive, this fight quality of satellitic navigation product to detect as north of China north area center, attended to detect this the job, the fixed position function that basically is aimed at homebred smartphone and fixed position precision have a test.

North fights fixed position

According to spaceflight division labour introduces 203 times, be opposite through this of manufacturer of homebred mobile phone try to find out the real intention, check evaluates function of fixed position of terminal of appraise mobile phone, can popularize north of mobile phone terminal to fight the better application of module, manufacturer of stimulative mobile phone uses north to fight better, accomplish can accuse independently, those who advance north to fight is homebred change pace.

Detect main component is 3 paces, it is in darkroom the environment lays a test, 2 it is test of precision of static fixed position, 3 it is test of precision of dynamic fixed position. Spaceflight division is versed in Sun Hongjun of 203 technologies personnel is in charge of this whole journey detecting.

The test below darkroom environment, it is to pass imitate GPS signal, north to fight signal, north + GPS double signal, detect personnel transmits satellitic navigation signal in the smartphone on programmed control revolving stage to erect, examine the fixed position information that the mobile phone exports, whether can judgement mobile phone undertake GPS alone fixed position, north fights north of alone fixed position, GPS+ to fight function of dual system fixed position.

To the static state fixed position precision checks, sun Hongjun says, 203 have his datum mark, handle frame is on datum mark, solve for long calculate fixed position information, through storing the mobile phone positional information and datum mark information undertake comparative, see the size of mobile phone precision and error of datum mark precision, decide precision of precision of horizontal fixed position and tall Cheng fixed position with this.

After the static state locates precision checks, it is test of precision of dynamic fixed position, detect namely the precision that the smartphone receives satellitic signal to have fixed position below athletic condition. Detect in the process, according to Introduction Sun Hongjun, it is at the same time navigation system of high accuracy combination and mobile phone erect is in racing bike, what navigation system of combination of this high accuracy regards information of dynamic fixed position as the position is fiducial, choose a section of a highway of hollowness, successive racing bike checks 40 minutes, collect high accuracy to combine navigation system and data of mobile phone navigation, the positional contrail that forms the mobile phone and contrail of position of standard of navigation system of high accuracy combination undertake comparing is opposite, will detect with this precision of horizontal fixed position and precision of tall Cheng fixed position.

To detected result, sun Hongjun says, as detect orgnaization, should accomplish detect fair, just, data is accurate, fight for north detect the basis that alliance provides a judge. Detect through each, the performance of some model smartphone that spaceflight division is versed in 203 are in charge of detecting is good, have both undertake GPS fixed position, north fights north of fixed position, GPS+ to fight fixed position function.

Spaceflight division is versed in word introduction of the expert says related 203 cite, in recent years, the high accuracy that is based on north to fight a system serves increasingly arisen, and want common people to use north to fight truly, feel the presence that north fights, let its and confluence of deepness of science and technology only, enlarge perpendicular industry to use business. A the directest way, mix namely the mobile phone is shirt-sleeve, with the 5G confluence of 4G, future.

To the meaning that detects this, spaceflight division is versed in 203 tell insurgent journalist, through this terminal of homebred mobile phone detects, will drive north to fight the bid that makes homebred smartphone to match, advance north to fight navigation application in the round. “ this action will advance north to fight the module use in homebred smartphone terminal further, accomplish can accuse independently, let more smartphones popularize north to fight module, highlight user experience, let north fight use truly, use well. ”



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