Solely pocket IPhone chip fat sheet, stage accumulating report already swung Intel half street

After Zhang Zhongmou is emeritus, in the past time of two many months, The stage accumulates reportShare price unexpectedly violent wind went up 26% !  After throwing square heart of Intel of two main rival, case collect, what is of stage accumulating report next?  The first fair begin after Liu Deyin assumes office says new president, can listen to an a few clue probably.



When the stage accumulates electric patriarch Zhang Zhongmou to retire formally on June 5 this year, the stage accumulates report to greet a boom cold wind.  Bubble of money of backwater of sale of intelligence mobile phone, bit is undone, make a share price that accumulate report big drop, those who achieve 212 yuan is in even by June in recent years low.


However, zhang Zhongmou is emeritus the first time after 3 months appears publicly, mental vigorous ground is in Taiwan international semiconductor was exhibited on September 5 (SEMICON Taiwan) after opening speech, the following day the stage accumulates electric share price, the history that achieves 268 yuan unexpectedly is new tall.


That is to say, in the past time of two many months, share price of stage accumulating report actually violent wind went up 26% , much 1 million yuan market prise.  To stage accumulating report exceeds this kind large, this kind goes up quickly urgently again again extremely not common.  What job to produce after all?



▲ Zhang Zhongmou attends 2018 international semiconductor to exhibit ” forum of IC60 Great Master ” , this also is he retires first time is open since 3 months appear.  (Source: Association of industry of SEMI international semiconductor)


The simplest explanation, it is the processor that the Cheng of 7 Nai the metric system with stage accumulating newest report makes, will be in in September the last ten-day of a month, install in the apple within of newest money mobile phone, leave all over the world sell.


Of course, this interest is much, be in early this year the beginning of the year, as the announcement of message one by one with the successful research and development that make Cheng, group of foreign capital partner, industry anticipates can happen.


But the outside somewhat insensible is, the stage accumulates report not only it is a whole world the semiconductor plant that the first quantity produces Cheng of 7 Nai the metric system, and be far ahead.


By July, intel director says to be able to admit in the law, newest 10 Nai rice (note: Because each definition is different, the 7 Nai rice that the Cheng of 10 Nai the metric system of Intel and stage accumulate report is the same as class) the product that make Cheng appears on the market after time is delayed once more, till production of the ability end 2019.  Than what announce at the beginning 2015, fully late 4 years.


That is to say, new in the past technology always runs in the Intel before the stage accumulates report, lag behind this time full the stage accumulates report one year above.  The way says to meet the next day, odd-numbered days of Intel share price weighs defeat 8% .


Is Intel bibcock protected?


Industry anticipates, intel Laiyi protects put oneself in another’s position ” the technology is banner ” once divine result is defeated, can have a chain of chain reaction next.


The research report that Si Tan negotiable securities issued beautiful Shang Baien in August points out, intel is in at present PC chip, server is monopoly position, city is occupied rate be as high as 91% respectively, 99.4% .  Also accordingly, intel enjoys the absolutely advantage that revise price, the product exceeds than the competitor power (AMD) should expensive on 80% ~ 130% .  ” these will face a challenge in the future, because Intel is in under 10 Nai rice rub Er law lags behind to the stage to accumulate report, ” Si Tan negotiable securities points out Bern.


Need not wait actually too long, by August, AMD announces, the CPU of newest money, GPU will convert a Cheng of 7 Nai the metric system that accumulates report, will be by this year appear on the market.


This decision brings two concussion.  Above all, intel will be faced with a product to make Cheng technology be inferior to the person’s corner in ground of next year unprecedented, the likelihood is reaved by AMD accordingly partial market.


The 2nd, AMD changes cast a bosom that accumulate report, luo Fangde of squares formed by crossed lines of round acting factory loses the 2nd big brilliant of delegate world main client, advanced make Cheng face the awkward situation that calls presenting a bold front to conceal a weak defence.


Then, back-to-back, case Luo Fangde also announced on August 27, ” after be being delayed till the cows come home ” the quantity of 7 Nai rice produces a plan.  That is to say, in the past between 2 months, stage accumulating report is new get a big client, still throw two main rival, the position that runs alone presents in the advanced technique.


Also claim to will be measured this year before SamSung produce Cheng of 7 Nai the metric system.  But the forum of brilliant circle acting industry that this company holds in Japan at the beginning of September, disclose however be in factory of China city S3 at present the Cheng of 7 Nai the metric system of a few production, will offer oneself product to use only, ability is mass-produced 2020.  Calculate come, backward also stage accumulates electric 1~2 year.


Within is exhibited in semiconductor, many analysts, industry is big old, agitato discusses this new change.


” this is a very magical thing.  Now client (in the most advanced make Cheng) optional without the 2nd, ” IBS of research organization of American semiconductor market is senior deputy total Jones (Michael Jones) say.  He gives off a stage to accumulate report to take the place of in brilliant circle in last few years in transparency labor market climbs fast city to occupy successively rate, from 49% 2013, rise to 54% 2017.


This semiconductor veteran thinks, when stage accumulating report circle of farther rule brilliant takes the place of after labor market, add many imaginary spaces to the growth of prospective outstanding achievement, ” the likelihood is like SamSung like memory market.  


Right now, in brilliant circle acting labor field has been close to unify all corners of the country, a lot of people are curious, what are next meetings of stage accumulating report?


Liu Deyin makes public oratorical mystery the first times


On September 6 afternoon, the stage accumulates report to hold the post of the speech that president Liu De Yin exhibits in semiconductor newly, gave clear suggestion.


This is the first after his replace president public discourse, english of 20 minutes makes a speech, he is mentioned 14 times in all ” memory ” (Memory) .  He emphasizes again and again, current artificial intelligence operation, the sources of energy that 8 become above is used up in memory, it is the one big bottleneck of current semiconductor technology.


He is after the speech, accept ” day classics Asia is commented on ” when interviewing first degrees admit, the stage accumulates report ” do not eliminate to buy company of chip of a memory, ” but did not make clear a target at present.


This matter does not make industry accident.  Above all, the Japanese Toshiba memory at the beginning of this year wants to sell, the stage accumulates report to also be immersed in a consideration for a time, just did not move finally.


Analyst of foreign capital of a beautiful department expresses, the Liu Deyin with long-term vision watchs memory industry for a long time, ” this is him very the big topic of care.  


” you if the blue print that scan widely did not come to 10 years, this has to look together.  ” he says.


And, the research and development that stage accumulating report assumes office newly in August deputy lecture of project of electric machinery of university of Buddha of total, Shi Dan teachs Huang Hansen, the semiconductor veteran of IBM of this one’s previous experience, special skill is new-style memory.



Stage of replace of ▲ Liu Deyin accumulates the first after electric president open speech, mention 14 times ” memory ” , show he is right this million yuan exuberant purpose heart of the industry.


Memory industry dimensions relatively brilliant circle acting project is big still, recently two years more be in ” super loop period ” , outstanding achievement of South Korea double hero writes down all-time record.  SK battalion received Hailishi last year more with one action is cruel to 56% , first degrees exceed a stage to accumulate report.  Impose the exuberant requirement that industry of prospective artificial intelligence keeps internally, the stage accumulates report to want to be able to gnaw only, can create tall grow.


From the point of technical level, the stage accumulates the 3D that report develops with all one’s strength at present to enclose a technology, need general DRAM and processor are close together in making Cheng posture change, the stage accumulates what report has had oneself to enclose a factory, if DRAM also can be produced in oneself, in the technology development and fine rate control have great profit.


From strategic side character, what the stage accumulates report is final Intel of ─ of ─ of two big rival and SamSung, have the memory department of oneself.  The DRAM of SamSung, NAND Flash is the world the first.


And Intel monarchs additionally path, give technology of distinctive 3D XPoint memory with beautiful smooth joint development, with oneself processor couplet sells, use at high-ranking server.


Beautiful department analyst thinks, stage accumulating report can be in when, cut memory industry with what means, end sees the possibility branch of research and development whether the innovation framework that develops similar 3D XPoint, ” break through on the technology, do not be in with SamSung confront the tough with toughness of standard type memory.  ” he is analysed.




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