Shenzhen will publish an industry to develop executive opinion to accelerate the domain layout such as semiconductor inside year

6 10 second plenary meeting are opposite Shenzhen city municipal Party committee to develop energetically strategical burgeoning industry made new decision-making deploy. The conference puts forward, aim at high end new and high up break out of an encirclement, position development is strategical burgeoning industry, tamp is advanced manufacturing industry foundation, drive high end of contemporary service line of business to change development.


Shenzhen is the demonstrative division that drive of our country innovation expands, also be strategical of burgeoning industry collect an area. Shenzhen in recent years before look up layout, develop energetically strategical burgeoning industry, obtained remarkable result, burgeoning industry increases a value to constitute promotion of GDP proportion year after year. For cogent carry out fulfil municipal Party committee spirit of 6 10 plenary meeting, at present Shenzhen city is being accelerated further strategical the layout of burgeoning industry, walking walks along type of quality growth, connotation sturdily to develop way.

Strategical burgeoning industry becomes pillar

Before before long, indonesian dragon looks the island produces seismic calamity, each country humanitarian comes to help thick as hail. The communication equipment that comes from Shenzhen sea to be able to be amounted to is in the distinguish oneself in coming to help, solved front to rescue the problem of team communication suffocate suffocate, promoted the communication cooperation of rescuing group efficiency, get the admiration of controller of headquarters of Indonesian Red Cross.

Actually, the high quality product that the sea can amount to is used at the harsh environment of all sorts of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief not only, still meet in golden brick Xiamen in recent years, Hangzhou G20 peak world cup of meeting, Russia, Liyaoao carries forum of meeting, Bo Ao is reached on it is important to add up to constituent peak to be able to wait for international society arena appears again and again, the safety that is these significant activities holds “ smoothly to escort the Emperor convoy ” .

As we have learned, the domain such as IT of new generation of layout of sex of the look up before Shenzhen, biology, new material, marine industry, develop energetically strategical burgeoning industry, be like,emerge in large numbers gives a batch China for, Tecent, sea can be amounted to, big border wait for an industry to get army enterprise, formed “ wild goose blast type ” is brand-new innovation echelon formation, position is held in the international market.

Data shows, shenzhen is strategical burgeoning industry increases a value to reach nine hundred and eighteen billion three hundred and fifty-five million yuan of 2017 from three hundred and eighty-seven billion eight hundred and twenty-two million yuan of growth 2012, constitute the promotion of proportion year after year of GDP, come from 29.9% growth 40.9% . This year first half of the year, shenzhen is strategical burgeoning industry implementation raises a cost four hundred and forteen billion six hundred and four million yuan, become country strategical burgeoning industry dimensions the city with the strongest sex of the biggest, assemble.

Carry out development of burgeoning industry group

To come true strategical burgeoning industry spans climb litre, shenzhen formulate is carried out " Shenzhen city is strategical 935 ” of “ of burgeoning estate development plan " , wait with information economy, life economy, green economy, originality economy for the key, increase innovation capacity ceaselessly, foster mainstay business energetically, optimize system of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment ceaselessly, lead an industry to be changed to high end, dimensions is changed, group changes development.

Strategical the effect that burgeoning industry assemble develops is revealed with each passing day. It is with integrated circuit industry exemple, shenzhen already became product of countrywide integrated circuit to consume center of applied center and design innovation, have integrated circuit to design enterprise orgnaization to count a hunderd schools, industrial total dimensions amounts to 66.8 billion yuan. In the intelligence closely related artificial intelligence and robot wisdom build, the domain such as intelligent car, shenzhen formed relatively complete industry chain, whole town is making raise of artificial intelligence industry quickly at present.

Introduce according to branch of science and technology, the key domain that Shenzhen city is planning to decide around the industry, the organization carries out 9 batch strategical burgeoning industry and prospective industry are special give aid to plan, tackle key problem to innovation carrier, basic research, technology, industrialization, application sets an example wait for burgeoning industry project to give give aid to.

Since this year, hole leaving celestial being is strategical Internet of base of burgeoning industry headquarters, Baoan “ + intelligence of Shan Julong hill makes cereal of biology of smooth international of city of industry of future of Apollo of city of ” future science and technology, Long Gang, dam, level ground area of prospective industry assemble in succession, make in car of new generation IT, Internet, new energy resources, intelligence, the domain such as equipment of high-end medical treatment, unmanned aircraft formed the advantage industry that has global competition ability group.

Shenzhen city develops innovation appoint concerned controller discloses, in carry out fulfil municipal Party committee in processes of 6 10 plenary meeting, to argue the new dominant position that starts industrial development, shenzhen city still will publish prospective industry to develop executive opinion this year, accelerate 5G mobile, the 3rd acting semiconductor, new-style show, the layout of the key domain such as artificial intelligence.


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