Share price of favour wisdom riverside drops 4.4% , did not connect high contend hard Intel?

Beijing time is early on September 12 a message, after failing with the amalgamative proposal that understands high, the tall canal Zhou Er of favour wisdom riverside elaborated chip manufacturer newest strategy, but the level that does not think wool interest rate can achieve competitor Intel however. Suffer this message effect, zhou Er of this company share price drops 4.4% .


· is overcome to overcome Lai silent in CEO of favour wisdom riverside (Rick Clemmer) and other tall canal expresses, this company hopes to supply a domain to hold lead position in car chip, arrive from now 2021 between end, promote sale every year 5% to 7% . This company shows, this one word about relatively the anticipation of chip industry grows speed tower above 50% .



This company is in charge of Zhou Er high to express to analyst and investor in new York, favour wisdom riverside still hopes to promote wool interest rate, arrive from present 53% or so promotion 55% 2019, hope to achieve to the end of 2021 57% , but the business that sells low growth, low profit margin likely.


These measure and the quarterly share out bonus of every 25 cent that gain newly and the stock of 5 billion dollar counter-purchase a project, it is favour wisdom riverside this year in July end and first great signal that after connecting 44 billion dollar high to buy a plan to fail, discloses.


Before this, examine and approve a result to wait to trade finally, favour wisdom riverside is close to two years to did not hold analyst telephone meeting.

General manager of investment firm Stifel is special li of · Simobaige (Tore Svanberg) express, this company needs to cost a long time to just can regain the power that during await and be being bought, loses. “ we do not think to be able to have bigger counter-purchase, and the confidence that share out bonus plans enough to restore investor. He says ” .


The analyst examines minutely this company whether promote 60% above wool interest rate, reach the level of heart state apparatus or Intel. In overcoming Lei Mo to be interviewed in the phone, express to Reuter, the growth that may not of such wool interest rate accords with favour wisdom riverside and cash are returned return a target.


Keleimo expresses, what go after with the competitor such as Ying Weida is full automatic drive car photograph is compared, the growth opportunity in car domain is in favour wisdom riverside nearly at the moment, and very actual, help a car maintain the radar system of driveway for example.


“ Motor Corporation begins to wait for semiconductor industry to cooperate directly with favour wisdom riverside. We think Motor Corporation still has a lot of jobs to want to do. He says ” .


Share price of favour wisdom riverside overcame the market to drop in Na Sida that day 4.4% , the newspaper closes at 89.57 dollars.

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